Spin to Tokyo Olympics and other nuclear news to March 4th

The corporate-political-media machine now gears up the spin for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  This is no coincidence, as March will mark the seventh anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.  After the 1945 nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagsaki, the American government swamped Japan with propaganda for setting up nuclear reactors – and indeed, the world, for”Atoms for Peace”. So again, the deception now is that the Fukushima tragedy is over – solved – fixed.

The Winter Olympics are over. We now return to your regularly scheduled nuclear crisis.

CLIMATE: Record warming in the Arctic.  Some of the world’s biggest lakes Are drying.


Visit of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern.  60 minutes duly focused their interview on her pregnancy, not her policies.  Of course Australian PM did not agree with her on New Zealand’s policies – of signing the nuclear weapons ban, and helping climate refugees.


Greenpeace finds nuclear waste headed to Australia classified as high-level waste by France. Vitrified nuclear waste due to be sent from UK to Lucas Heights, Australia by 2022.

The Australian government, indeed the major parties, are complicit in the pretense that the “temporary”nuclear waste  dump planned for rural South Australia is of concern only to the immediate local community, where some white Australian has volunteered his land, in the expectation of making big bucks.  However, at long last, at least there will be a Senate Committee Inquiry about this.

A draft Radioactive Waste Code drawn up by The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) widens the waste types permitted, and prepares the way for nuclear waste to be dumped on South Australia. Responses to this have been overwhelmingly negative.

South Australia election – nuclear garbage dump IS an election issue.

South Australia Liberal Party – confused policy on nuclear waste dumping.  The lunar right: Senator Cory Bernardi promises $445 billion for South Australia, if it hosts international nuclear waste dump.

New South Wales – Brewarrina nuclear dump protests send clear message to Council: “Keep Bre Nuclear Free”.

Climate Change. Labor wavers back and forth on the Adani coal mine question.

Renewable energy – miles and miles of interesting stuff at reneweconomy.com.au


We already have a global cancer epidemic. A nuclear attack on North Korea would make it much worse.

High stakes talks as Trump forces a deadline on revising Iran nuclear deal.

Thorium Church: a trojan horse in the “green” movements


JAPAN. Removal of spent fuel from Fukui’s defunct Fugen reactor delayed by nine years. More Fukushima Propaganda to Come from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.  Tepco sets sights on global expansion.

UKDamning report accuses UK government on the collapse of contract to clean up redundant fleet of Magnox nuclear reactors.  Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge to keep Britain in EU internal energy market (IEM) and in Euratom.

USA. Senator Ed Markey warns on danger in allowing Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium, reprocess spent nuclear fuel. Energy Secretary Rick Perry ready to make concession to Saudi Arabia – to market US nuclear power to that country. Los Alamos Board of Public Utilities – doubtful about viability of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).

SOUTH KOREAMoon Jae-in, the South Korean president, has called on the US to “lower the bar” for discussions with North Korea.

NIGERINTERVIEW:  Niger: “In Arlit, people drink water contaminated by radioactivity”.

INDIA. India’s State-owned nuclear power corporation plans new nuclear units, without nuclear waste facilities set up.

NORWAY, FINLAND. Norway and Finland find tiny amounts of recently released radioactive particles in the air.

FRANCE. Zombie nuclear corporation AREVA arises from dead -as “Orano”, “Framatome”.  Flamanville EPR: defects affect secondary circuit welds in nuclear reactor.  EDF discovering many more “anomalies ” and “non-conformities” in nuclear reactors.

RUSSIA. Putin announces a new array of nuclear weapons, that could evade a US-built missile shield. A forgotten nuclear disaster? 1985 Russian submarine accident.

SAUDI ARABIA. The last thing the Middle East needs is another country with the potential to build nuclear weapons.



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