Nuclear news to 4 February

Henry Kissinger, long term and still influential political adviser, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week that a pre-emptive strike on North Korea was “tempting”and “a rational argument”. And, with Trump’s new  Nuclear Posture Review, the world moves even closer to the brink. With the nuclear weapons race, is the unthinkable now becoming a comfortable idea?

I think of the “Me Too”movement – to change the situation of women being sexually exploited by predators,  and of this being covered up by men in power. And it is surely now time for a “Me Too” movement  – as insane decisions are being made about nuclear weapons by men in power.


The “Peace Boat” continues its successful tour of Australian cities, continuing now from Hobart to Sydney.

Nuclear Racism in Australia.

Media silence on Julian Assange‘s precarious situation.

Federal nuclear waste dump plan for South Australia. ARPANSA considering components in radioactive trash dump– asking for public comments, by February 23.   Australia’s history of mismanaging nuclear wasteDishonest scare-mongering linking nuclear medicine and radioactive waste dumps.   Keep Lucas Heights nuclear  waste-at Lucas Heights, for the safety of all Australians.   Any South Australian nuclear waste dump must have broad social consent and specific community consent.

Weatherill Government opposition to all nuke waste dumps in SA welcomed. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill could take High Court action against proposed Federal Nuclear waste DumpAustralian Greens welcome Labor switch on nuclear waste dump.

Australia’s nuclear macho men always wanted nuclear weapons, and they still do. Australian women – no say in nuclear decisions. BUT – Women take the lead in Australia’s energy revolution.

Jim Green questions Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA), on its pro nuclear seminar.

Labor Party branches want a new and more effective environment act and independent watchdog.

Turnbull govt to give $3,8billion to develop a weapons export industry.-Sisters of St Joseph speak out against Australian government plan for weapons export industry.

Native Title, the Wangan and Jagalingou people, and Adani Coal Mine Project.  Adani mega coal mine – a threat to Australia’s most valuable water source. Polling shows that even Liberals now opposing Adani coal megamine project. Australia way behind on low carbon action – UN investor expert warns.

Great progress in renewable energy: see


USA. Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review considers Russian “doomsday weapon”, though it might not be real.  Top U.S. nuke envoy says Washington wants talks with N.K. for denuclearization . Nuclear poker: Trump’s dangerous game. Daniel Ellsberg says that Trump is leading us into nuclear war. Pentagon plans  U.S. South Korea war games as soon as Winter Olympics are over.

The USA nuclear lobby is now trying to tie up longterm tax-payer funding for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors.

JAPANLethal radiation detected at Fukushima plant reactor 2. Japan Should Clarify its Plutonium Usage Plans.  Lingering effects of 2011 disaster take toll in fallout-hit Fukushima, experts warn. Tokyo Not Fit For Human Habitation?

UKRAINE. I Visited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with an Infrared Camera.

CHINA.  Chinese Arsenal Significantly Smaller, Less Capable Than U.S. Arsenal.  China reorganising its nuclear companies in order to export nuclear technology. Britain’s new nuclear build – a profitable “golden era” for China’s State-owned nuclear companies.

UK.  Britain’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) wants to increase its radiation releases by over 2,000 per cent.  The dangerous job of specialist scuba divers hauling radioactive trash out of Sizewell nuclear fuel storage pond. The expensive hunt for robots that might help clean up UK’s Sellafield nuclear waste horror.

KAZAKHSTAN. Kazakhstan’s U.N. ambassador – nuclear testing harmed his country; dismantling nuclear arsenal has benefited it.

CANADA. Massachusetts gets a great power deal from Quebec. What is Ontario waiting for?

RUSSIA. Hazards of Russia’s radioactive trash in the Arctic.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa can’t afford nuclear build – renewable energy a wiser choice

MALAYSIA. History of rare earths processing disaster in Malaysia.

BELGIUM. Not feasible to keep Belgium’s nuclear power stations going – new study finds.

FRANCE. EDF’s plan to eventually shut down nuclear reactors in France.

NIGERIA. Nuclear fraud in Nigeria.


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