Impressive nuclear stories of 2017 – Australian and International

Because my websites focus on nuclear news, many important climate stories were not covered there. A pity – now that the most accurate climate predictions are turning out to be the worst case scenarios. It is clear that climate change is a global emergency – NOW.

Some remarkable climate stories that we did cover: Rise of deadly heatwaves will continue.   Food crops already affected.  Lakes around the world are affected by heat from climate change.  The importance of the Arctic – warm water being pushed to the surface, the disappearing ice, and its consequences, rapid spread of ocean acidification. Food

I’ve selected not the major news items, but nuclear stories that ought not to be forgotten.

The most impressive story of 2017:

brings together the climate and nuclear issues – Australian Mark Willacy’s text and visual coverage of the climate danger to the nuclear waste “dome” on Enewetak atoll.

Equally impressive

– USA’s  Kate Brown  and Ukraine’s Olha Martynyuk’s  – investigation of the cherry-pickers of Ukraine  “The Harvests of Chernobyl”.


The current issue – that the government would prefer us not to know about – the plan for toting radioactive trash 1000s of miles across the continent, to set up as stranded nuclear wastes on outback South Australia :

AUSTRALIA’S RADIOACTIVE WASTE: WHAT TO DO WITH IT? WHERE TO PUT IT? WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? WHY KEEP PRODUCING IT?  Senator Scott Ludlam probes the Australian government’s plan to dump Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste on rural South Australia.  Undemocratic Nuclear Waste Law Disempowers Communities and Traditional Owners. ANSTO calls High Level Nuclear Waste – “Intermediate Level” – fooling the public.

Australian government very quietly signing up to join in Generation IV nuclear reactor development  (GIF) NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION! Australia’s Generation IV Nuclear Energy Accession.    Compelling argument against Australia joining the Framework Agreement for Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems. ANSTO must be transparent on costs of its nuclear research: Generation IV nuclear reactors – high cost for little benefit.

 Cameco’s uranium  mining plans in Western Australia

History items – lest we forget:  The plutonium abuse of an Australian child, by Argonne National Laboratory How Prime Minister Robert Menzies, and Sir Ernest Titterton sold us all out for British nuclear testingA toxic legacy : British nuclear weapons testing in Australia.

Exposing the dishonest pro nuclear spin : academics refute Ben Heard’s attack on renewable energy


Because many of these stories are long, and complicated, I’m providing here first the links to extracts on, which contain links to the originals.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS:  Evidence that Britain’s nuclear power industry subsidises nuclear weapons. America’s nuclear bomb tests and their health toll on Americans.


Listing the financial institutions that provided 344 billion available to 27 nuclear weapon producing companies. How it happens that taxpayer $trillions are spent on nuclear weapons –  Follow the money.  $billions of Americans’ tax money squandered on weapons. How did the Pentagon lose $10 TrillionAmerica’s war profiteers

JAPAN and FUKUSHIMA. What It’s Like for Informal Labour Employed in Nuclear Power Stations in Japan.  The Fukushima Daichi nuclear power complex is a continuing, permanent, catastrophe. Small head size and delayed body weight growth in wild Japanese monkey fetuses after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster    Many articles by dunrenard.

RADIOACTIVE WASTE DANGERJust Moms, St Louis and the continuing horror story of nuclear weapons’ waste. Problems at Los Alamos National Plutonium Facility-4 (PF-4) – dangerous plutonium pits. Nuclear catastrophe narrowly avoided at Los Alamos National Laboratory.


NUCLEAR INDUSTRY STAGNATES, and DEBUNKING THE PUSH FOR “NEW NUCLEAR” Stagnation – the most optimistic term to describe the global nuclear industry.  How the public pays and pays to keep the nuclear industry alive. Debunking the hype about Generation IV “new nuclear”.
Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea – the meaning of Trump’s threats
Andreeva bay – Ever increasing piles of toxic Russian radioactive trash – a challenge for Norway and Russia to clean up.
Uranium Mining – Health effects of uranium mining in India
Nuclear fusion – Debunking the myths about nuclear fusion – The ITER Power Amplification Myth

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