Ho hum climate crises, nuclear crises – another week of news

In our anglophone world, it doesn’t seem to matter that much, when floods  hit Asian countries. But USA?  That’s different. As I write, Hurricane Harvey is hitting Texas. Well, they’ve had hurricanes before, but climate change just makes them that much more severe.

I fear that we are all getting “nuclear-crisis-North-Korea-fatigue”. A pity, as North Korea and USA continue to ramp up the nuclear ante.


North Korea’s threats to Australia, as Australia backs USA war games in the Pacific.

Top-secret base Pine Gap might involve Australians in drone strikes on innocent civilians.

CLIMATE. As climate change intensifies, Australia’s farmers will be hard hit.  Australia’s coastal communities already vulnerable to climate change. Bundaberg MP insists that coastal communities must prepare for climate change.– A band of right-wing religious politicians are stopping climate action in Australia.  Dryness of vegetation in Sydney area adds risk to coming bushfire season.

Adani: Australian Conservation Foundation loses appeal against $16b Carmichael coal mine.– Aboriginal group considers appeal over Federal Court decision for lease to Adani coal project.  Anti Adani coal project movement continues, despite Court setback. Australia’s religious leaders unite to oppose Adani coal mine expansion. Bank calls for more transparency on Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility’s $5b loan scheme.  Adani to fight $12k fine for environmental breach.

NUCLEAR.  Western Australia Shire of Leonora keen to make money by hosting radioactive trash. South Australian govt’s pro nuclear propaganda campaign was expensive.    Non nuclear production of medical radioisotopes at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute. Safety concerns about Port Pirie’s former uranium plant site raised by Liberal candidate.



CLIMATE. Climate change threat: ALASKA’S PERMAFROST IS THAWING–   Coral bleaching is happening across the Pacific Ocean.  For the first time, tanker crosses the Arctic without icebreaker.  Investment fund company Vanguard calls for climate change risk disclosures.  Omigawd! Climate Change is messing up our wine supply!

NUCLEAR.    Ionizing radiation: Radiation protection standards need to be improved.    Women seen as powerful advocates for the nuclear lobby.

KOREAN PENINSULA. As USA and South Korea hold military exercises on Korean peninsula, Russia flies nuclear bombers around the peninsula. Clarifying the facts on North Korea. -Head of the U.S. military’s Pacific Command says diplomacy — not military action, is the answer to North Korea crisis. South Korean President Moon Jae-in warns USA against military action on North Korea.

USA.  Nuclear  

USA.Climate.   The Trump Southeastern States will cop the hardest costs of climate changeNo free speech in Trump’s America when it comes to climate research. – Exxon Mobil misrepresented climate change to deliberately mislead the public. -America’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has deleted references to climate change from its site. America’s federal advisory committee on climate change abolished by Trump!

INDIA. Massive protest : thousands against French Nuclear Project in Jaitapur.

JAPAN. Another $5bn US suit against TEPCO over Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan’s Lobbying to Export Fukushima Produce. -Fukushima ice wall facing doubts as project nears completion. Fukushima aftermath: General Electric and Tokyo Electric Power Co sued by Navy families for wrongful death.

RUSSIA.  Mysterious forest explosion a year ago- now revealed to have been a failed Russian missile launch.  Russia’s Rosatom buying into the wind energy business in India, as well as in Netherlands.

INDONESIA. “Dirty radioactive bomb” planned for attack in Indonesia – using THORIUM

IRAN.   Iran fully compliant with its obligations under the nuclear agreement.   Inaccurate translations in media increase tensions between Iran and USA.

MARSHALL ISLANDSRemembering Tony de Brum.

UK. UK Royal Navy detonates the second bomb found in the sea near Hinkley Point.  Concern over dangers of nuclear bombs transport across Britain.  Vast majority of UK accept climate change is real, finds new poll.


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