To 12 May – nuclear and climate news

The most headline-grabbing nuclear story of the week was the collapse of  a tunnel at America’s Hanford nuclear site. While authorities stressed that no-one was injured, and no radiation was released, this accident highlighted the unsafe storage of America’s nuclear weapons waste.

In international politics, the elections of Emmanuel Macron, in France, and of Moon Jae-in, in South Korea, are unwanted blows to the global nuclear industry. Moon Jae-in also signals a trend away from alliance with USA, and a willingness to work with China.

Record-Thin Sea Ice Faces Big Predicted Arctic Warm-up This Week.


NUCLEAR Today, the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia  joining the Framework Agreement for International Generation IV Nuclear Reactor Development published the submissions that it received. As this Inquiry has been kept quite secret from the media and the public, it is not surprising that nearly all of the submissions have come from companies and individuals with either a very clear, or a vested, interest in the nuclear industry.

2017 – Federal Budget – nuclear issues SUMMARY.

Finally, recognition for Australia’s atomic veterans. Help for Aboriginal victims of nuclear bomb testing “60 years too late” says Yami Lester.

In South Australia, a Forum was held very recently, to examine the question: What is driving the nuclear industry to dump its nuclear waste in South Australia? Some insights from the forum. 

Australia to buy anti-radiation missiles from the United States. (should please Donald Trump, as he’s  a shareholder in Raytheon, which makes these).

Australia keen to get involved in nuclear fusion research? (despite the fact that nuclear fusion is prohibitively costly, impractical and dangerous) 

Stalemate in Australian govt’s effort to change Native Title Act.

CLIMATE and RENEWABLE ENERGY  Malcolm Turnbull has now dropped all pretense of acting on climate change. Federal budget 2017: Funding boost for expanding gas sector, but little for renewable sector. Australia likely to lose National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.

Australian renewable energy news. Queensland 20,000 jobs in solar power proposalNews on fracking in Australia.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea could conduct nuclear test in May – Chinese expert.


CLIMATE.  Montana’s glaciers disappearing – shrinking, like many glaciers world-wide. Arctic Council meeting: USA might be confronted by Arctic Nations concerned about climate change. Environmental Protection Agency dismisses at least five members of a major scientific review board.

SOUTH KOREACatholics lead in South Korean movement against nuclear power. THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense (MD) system a major environmental catastrophe waiting to happen.

JAPAN. The urgent danger of wildfires in the radioactive Fukushima area. Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui calls on U.N. chief to attend nuclear disarmament conference in August.

RUSSIA. Russia selling debt and dependence to its overseas customers.

INDIAWater and steam leakage causes shutdown of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Reactor.

CANADA. Cities of Marysville and St. Clair oppose Lake Huron nuclear waste dump. Uranium company Cameco in trouble: the industry is just not viable.

GERMANY. German energy groups turn to lucrative business of decommissioning nuclear power stations,

BULGARIA. Bulgaria trying to get private investors for its nuclear project.

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