This week – a lot of nuclear and climate news

I shall have to cull, in future

Well, I know that the big story remains the North Korea   – USA nuclear standoff. This is dominating the nuclear news, perhaps all of the news.

Still, other things nuclear are happening, and the most fascinating this week is the political drama being played out in South Africa. Briefly, The Zuma government has had to stall its plans for nuclear procurement, as the result of a court ruling. This is the latest event in the extraordinary history of corruption in South Africa’s nuclear plans.  Democracy is on the line in South Africa, if the government presses on with the project.


Prime Minister Turnbull met President Trump. They both vowed undying love for the USA-Australia military alliance, even if not for each other. Trump appeared not to know the name of our PM.

Donald Trump could get Australia involved in war. No insurance company would cover survivors of a nuclear strike – Northern Territory News.

Warning that North Korea could ship a nuclear device to Western Australia.


South Australia. Hawker schoolkids given tax-payer funded nuclear promotional trip to Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in Sydney.  Kimba District Council conducting ballot on National Radioactive Low/Intermediate Level Waste Management Facility. Australia’s nuclear fool cycle –Adelaide University  ‘symposium’ regurgitates pro-nuclear submissions made to the SA Royal Commission

The Global Uranium Industry and Cameco’s Troubled History –  new report. Cameco’s uranium deposits in Western Australia – a brief report 


Fiji wants Australian PM to lobby Trump to stay with Paris climate deal

Port Augusta Mayor speaks at Parliament house rally for solar thermal power.  Western Australian suburb Baldivis tops nation for solar rooftops. Hydro electricity versus coal-fired power – northern Queensland election issue? Tasmania’s energy efficiency loans scheme now open.

I can no longer keep up with all that is happening on renewables, can only refer you to this week’s collection of notes on news items.  And that’s only the very latest ones.

THE ADANI COAL MINE PROJECT SAGA.  Federal Labor no longer supporting Adani coal mine.  Federal Minister For Coal, Matt Canavan cause the Australian States “silly”.      Canavan’s call to boycott Westpac Bank – a colossally stupid salvo in the new Truth Wars. Getting the government ‘out of bed with Adani’.  Westpac in tune with Australians about climate. Government sadly out of touch.  Federal Resources Minister, Senator Matt Canavan, is misrepresenting Wangan and Jagalingou people again.  Political risk for Turnbull in pandering to Big Coal over Adani mine.

Once again – there is just too much news on this. I have to just give notes on Adani, even though it is the critical story in Australia right now. And again, these are only the very latest items.


World’s nuclear experts forming a Nuclear Crisis Group to Advise World Leaders on Avoiding Nuclear War.   Chinese diplomat warns that talk between USA and North Korea is essential – tipping point is near.  Pope Francis suggests Norway as mediator, urges a diplomatic solution to North Korean nuclear crisis.  Vatican says nuclear weapons “provide a false sense of security”.

The Independent WHO examines the World Health Organisation and finds it dishonest on ionising radiation.

CLIMATE. Early Greenland Melt Spike Possible as Forecast Calls for Temperatures of up to 50 F Above Average   Lakes around the world are affected by heat from climate change. The disappearing Arctic ice, and its consequences.

NORTH KOREA. China tells its citizens – Get out of North Korea. Russia: “It is evident that Pyongyang will not abandon its nuclear weapons as long as it sees itself directly threatened. North Korea accuses USA of planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike, with its bomber flights. North Korea threatens a pre-emptive nuclear strike on USA. Trump administration trying to make China responsible for fixing North Korean crisis.

UK. Brexit will mean that Britain will be stuck with Europe’s nuclear waste. Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)makes 6 demands for arrangements to replace Euratom. Problems compounded for NuGen’s Moorside nuclear project in Cumbria.  World Nuclear Lobby bewails Britain’s lack of progress on Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs).  Even the fake charity Weinberg Next Nuclear recognises the link between Small Modular Nuclear Reactors and Weapons.

FRANCE. Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron – very different views on nuclear power. Macron pins reactor closures to renewables growth.

JAPAN. Japan wants stronger Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Government to release map of potential final nuclear disposal sites this summer. Mount Juman forest fire in Namie spreads radioactive material.  Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation, Wildfire Burns in Fukushima ‘No-Go Zone‘. Fukushima authorities ask troops to help deal with forest fires near crippled nuclear power plant.

UKRAINE. 2,397,863 registered Chernobyl-related health victims now in treatment. 453,391 ARE CHILDREN.  Chernobyl Remembered. Consequences of Chernobyl.

BELARUS. Belarus march against nuclear power on Chernobyl anniversary.


SOUTH AFRICA. Medium and long term impact of South African court ruling – not good for the nuclear industry. South Africa’s new energy minister talks about nuclear transparency, “public participation”. South African govt will challenge High Court’s ruling against nuclear power procurement. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) excludes nuclear power for South Africa’s energy mix. South African research institutions were paid hush money to shut up about nuclear power.

IRAN. Growing trade between Iran and European Union following implementation of the nuclear deal. Nuclear deal is an issue in Iran’s electionRex Tillerson attacks Iran nuclear deal.

UAE. Lacking nuclear expertise, United Arab Emirates postpones start-up pf nuclear reactors.

QATAR. Qatar calls for nuclear-free zone in Middle East.

GERMANY. Germany’s record 85% renewables over weekend.

CANADATwo thirds of Canada’s electricity now comes from renewable energy.

RUSSIA. Early Season Russia-Siberia Wildfire Outbreak Expands Due to Heat

INDIA. Lots of renewable energy news

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