News from the past week – Climate and Nuclear

a-cat-CANSorry – this  is too long. And I ‘ve left out some! I will try putting what I see as particularly significant in red text

The most significant article of the week comes from 3 very  distinguished writers, in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,  in explaining how the USA’s military upgrade means a vast expansion of the killing power of the most numerous warhead in the US nuclear arsenal, with the ability to launch a”first strike”. Consequently, the Russians are   gravely concerned, and are developing new sea-based weapons.

President Trump’s  rather sweet  and antiseptic speech to Congress, avoided his previous bellicose promises, but did mention a big increase in defense spending, though not how he would pay for that.


Historic discussions in South Australia towards a Treaty with Aboriginal Nations. Call to Block Native Title Amendment (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) Bill 2017.

CLIMATE an  ENERGY . Issues surrounding  coal mining dominated the news:

More Bleaching on Great Barrier Reef. New South Wales is set to experience many more hot summers, with extreme heat days.

Economist Prof John Quiggan puts convincing case for public-owned Australian power grid.

Murdoch media wages war on renewable energy.

Solar farms to benefit farmers in Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo areas.  Victorian government more than doubles solar-feed-in tariff.   Clean Energy Finance Corporation to repeat its solar success in battery storage.  National Australia Bank now investing in renewable energy in Europe, US and UK.  Plan for solar panels accessible to flat dwellers.

NUCLEAR. A renewed push for South Australia to import nuclear waste, with a letter to politicians from  43 citizens, turns out to emanate from Australia’s most talented nuclear propagandist, Ben Heard. With his nuclear front “group”, Bright New World, Heard is pretty much a one man nuclear band, on  the international, as well as the national, pro nuclear scene, and is seeking charity status. Next week he is off to help the South African nuclear lobby, in their very troubled cause.

Radioactive cows buried in Werribee, Victoria.

One of my own articles – Media and nuclear – Australia


CLIMATE.  With New El Nino Predicted, 3rd Hottest January on Record May be Cool Mark for 2017. Rapid spread of ocean acidification in the Arctic.  Antarctic Sea Ice Hits New All-Time Record Low. Huge slabs of permafrost disintegrating in Northwest Canada. Famine Warning Issued in Four Countries Following Worst African Droughts in Decades.  Experts gather at Vatican conference with call to avoid ‘biological extinction’.


EUROPE. Europe’s wild boars posing a radioactive problem

UK.  Up to £219 billion to clean up the UK’s nuclear mess: autonomous robots to be developed.  Britain’s Failing New Nuclear Programme. UK taxpayers up for tens of billions of pounds sterling as govt bends to pressure to build new nuclear reactors.  Hinkley Point C – “risky and poor value for money” – House of Lords Committee. New Nuclear Reactors in Jeopardy because of Brexit?   “Small Nuclear” lobby not very happy – says taxpayer funding is essential. Oil and gas boss appointed to run UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

JAPAN  The spin begins- sanitising Fukushima for the Olympics.  TEPCO blunders raise doubts on ability as nuke plant operator.    Daunting obstacles to Fukushima cleanup, even as evacuees move back.  Bribery scandal over Fukushima decontamination.

SOUTH KOREA. Amid Nuclear Reactor Radiation Fears, South Korea Abandons Japan Airport Flights.

USA. How Donald Trump manipulates media news anchors. Trump’s renewed attack on news media.     Scott Pruitt appointed as EPA chief in order to destroy EPA? : his emails revealed.

Worker sneaked a gun into a nuclear power station. US Senators introduce Bill to promote easier licensing of nuclear reactors.  Georgia Power Suspends Study for Nuclear Plant Near Columbus.  America’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) itself has nuclear safety culture problems.

INDIA.  India launches nuclear destroyer missile.   India forced to back out of nuclear project sites, due to local opposition.


2 Responses to “News from the past week – Climate and Nuclear”

  1. Dennis Cambly Says:

    Here is another international note for you. The province of Ontario in Canada has put forward plans to build a nuclear waste dump. It is being protested by millions of people. Their really smart idea is to build a deep repository 1.6 km / 1 mile from Lake Huron a part of the Great Lakes. They are the largest fresh water lakes in the world supplying almost 80 million people with drinking water. Industries also rely on the Lakes.

    On a map you will see the Great Lakes run between Canada and the United States. Several US Senators have spoken against the nuclear waste dump. Sadly the major media is almost silent on the topic.

    Enjoy reading your articles and share it with lots of people.

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