Climate, nuclear, news to 10 Dec – Australia and international


Finkel Report recommends emissions trading, warns on Australian govt’s climate policy chaos. Australian govt promotes coal and nuclear, despite public opinion and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank policy.  Australia’s electricity industry strongly calls for a carbon price, and switch to clean energy.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull talks complete rubbish on climate policy. Australia’s gutless Minister for Environment and Energy – Josh Frydenberg.

Australia can get to zero emissions, as rooftop solar booms. Rooftop solar energy boom, but warnings on quality.

Australia’s dangerous uranium deal with India.  Two Australian uranium mining companies going down the gurgler?  According to Bob Hawke, Aborigines can get a decent life only if Australia imports nuclear waste?

South Australia. Australian government’s nuclear waste dump for Barndioota – a sly prelude for importing nuclear waste.

Queensland. Traditional Owners construct ‘legal line of defence’ against Adani and Qld Govt.   Not justified, not financially viable – Adani’s huge coal mine project. Australian Labor says No to Adani coal loan.

South Australian Labor govt clings to its nuclear waste dream. South Australian nuclear waste dump enthusiasts write to politicians.

New South Wales. Sydney students pioneer a shared solar and battery system for apartment block.

Victoria.  Barwon Water and the City of Greater Geelong investigate solar array for landfill site. New 116-turbine wind farm for the Wimmera, Victoria. MP James Purcell calls for nuclear power for Portland, Victoria.

Northern Territory  appoints too many mining representatives to its Mining Advisory Committee

Western Australia. Toro Energy, uranium miner, CEO Vanessa Guthrie chucks away the poisoned uranium chalice.


FRANCE.  EDF’s financial crisis will leave french taxpayers with a huge nuclear bill. Suspected falsifying of documents: French prosecutors investigate Areva’s Le Creusot nuclear foundry. France launches investigation of Fessenheim nuclear power plant.


JAPAN. Japan to increase loan to Fukushima operator Tepco to $123 billion.  Mitsubishi Heavy makes huge and risky investment in AREVA nuclear. Plan to build Monju nuclear reprocessing successor to Recycle Plutonium Stocks

UK. NUGEN Partner ENGIE Wants OUT of Nuclear

RUSSIA. Russia’s new ‘drone submarine’ with range of 6,200 miles.

GERMANY. German legal case sets precedent for limiting the greed of nuclear and coal companies.

BELARUS. Belarus radiation tragedy of Chernobyl is only just developing.

AFRICA.  Climate change could render Sudan ‘uninhabitable.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria pays compensation damages to Russia, for scrapping Belene nuclear plant

INDIA India’s push for solar energy is gaining steam

IRAN. Iranian president won’t let Trump ruin the US–Iran nuclear deal


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