To Nov 25 Climate and Nuclear news

a-cat-CANMuch as I would love to completely ignore the Trumpomania that now grips the media, and at the same time, seems to paralyse political action, I just can’t – because climate and nuclear policies worldwide now stagnate, like  ships in the doldrums, waiting for the new wind – of Trump’s inauguration on January 20 2017.

The Marrakech climate talks, (follow-up to the 2015 Paris climate summit)  produced the “Marrakech Action Proclamation”, and some ambitious national programmes, but were described as producing  “defiance towards Trump, but little else”.  Global green movement prepares to fight Trump on climate change. Trump’s climate denial is just one of the forces that points towards war.

Unease amongst world leaders over Donald Trump’s nuclear policies, and appointments.

On nuclear weapons, the UN General Assembly First Committee voted on Resolution A/C.1/71/L.41 (L.41) States adopted the resolution to hold negotiations on a nuclear ban treaty in 2017. Here at least, some ray of light regarding Trump’s attitude of wanting to negotiate with Russia and North Korea.  –Perhaps Secretary General Ban Ki-moon can leave his office with an important victory at the end of his term by seizing this opportunity and encouraging the ‘deal maker’ in Trump to move forward with a US-Russia rapprochement, clearing a pathway for the elimination of nuclear weapons as well as putting an end to the hostilities on the Korean peninsula.


CLIMATE. Turnbull govt – hails climate accord while rejoicing in coal industry!  Trump plans to scrap NASA climate research: Australian scientists support NASA. NASA politely debunks Australian climate denying crank Senator Malcolm Roberts. Missy Higgins urges us all – read Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”. Australian doctors warn about climate change and health.

NUCLEAR. Australian uranium fuelled Fukushima. Now about to fuel dangerous Ukraine nuclear reactors.

South Australia. The saga of the South Australian nuclear waste import plan continues – Michele Madigan. Michael West casts a satirical searchlight on South Australia’s nuclear waste import plan. Scarce and his pro nuclear Royal Commission not looking credible.   Sunday Mail survey reveals opposition to nuclear waste dump. Political mystery of South Australian Labor tying the State’s prosperity to a nuclear waste toilet. Solar thermal plant is the best solution for Port Augusta.

Western Australia Labor, likely to win State election, opposes all new uranium projectsAnti-uranium crusaders win top conservation award .

Victoria to ban fracking.


World Bank reports on How Solar is Changing the Climate Game.  On four continents, solar panel roads are being developed.

The case for space – Part 3: Martian delusions.

ARCTIC.Alarm among scientists at ‘Extraordinarily hot’ Arctic temperatures.

RUSSIA.Russia tests intercontinental ballistic missiles for its “nuclear trains” program.

JAPAN. Japan Earthquake: Social Aftershocks of Fukushima Disaster are Still Being Felt.  Crisis averted, but is N-plant operator Tepco prepared for a bigger quake? Temporary Radioactive Soil Storage Sites Hinder Fukushima Farmers.

USA. – Nuclear 

USA – Climate

CANADA. Canadian government to review plan to dump nuclear waste close to Great Lakes.

INDIA. Costs too high: India has to delay its nuclear power programme

NORTH KOREA. Fears about North Korea’s nuclear test swish around Donald Trump’s inauguration.

CHINA. China’s ambitious plan, lifting poor communities by means of solar rooftops.

AFRICA. Stark choices face communities in drought afflicted Africa.

 SOUTH AFRICA. Stalling of nuclear power plan in South Africa shows President Zuma’s waning power. South Africa’s renewable energy is making nuclear power look obsolete.

SOUTH AMERICA. Killings of climate activists.  Climate emergency in Peru, with huge forest fires. Climate Change Has Left Bolivia Crippled by Drought.

EUROPE. Economic and Social Research Institute tots up the cost of a nuclear disaster in Europe – €160bn.

UK.  UK government’s huge legal fees for Hinkley nuclear project .  Seaweed Has Again Blocked Cooling and Shut down Scottish Nuclear Power Station.

VIETNAM. Vietnam’s legislature endorses scrapping of nuclear power plans


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