An important week, in climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANEven under Trump, there will still be reason for climate action hope – climate action internationally and in USA States. Donald Trump wants to blow up the global climate effort. People are now saying hopeful things about Trump. And I do agree – it is possible for a narcissistic, bullying, misogynist, lying, sociopath to change –  it just doesn’t happen all that often.

Anyway, Paris climate change agreement will not be derailed by Donald Trump. Paris climate deal now in force. The global nuclear lobby gears up to influence UN climate talks.

Trump will soon control America’s nuclear weapons codes. His defence policies may spark a nuclear arms race.

Human-induced climate change has already impacted every aspect of life on Earth. Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be ‘Game Over’ , scientists warn. Climate Disruption’s Legacy: Megadroughts, Extinctions, Obituaries for Reefs.


NUCLEAR . An extraordinary turnaround. It looks as though South Australia is about to dump the nuclear dump idea. Unexpectedly, the Citizens Jury said NO to the nuke waste dump plan. Citizens Jury exposed the bias and vested interests in Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia, and clearly examined the economic danger of importing nuclear wastes. South Australian Labor’s nuclear waste plan – “dead and buried” say Liberals. Nuclear lobby even loses support of its top business stooge, Nigel McBride. Premier Jay Weatherill’s political future on the line?

Nuclear waste plan meant that bit would be stored above ground long before underground facility is built – above ground for 100 years!

CLIMATE and ENERGY  At last – Australia to ratify Paris climate change agreement. Will Australia back coal at the UN climate talks? Australia cannot pretend much longer that it is acting against climate change.

Australian Energy Market Operator blaming wind industry for it’s own mistakes

Queensland’s solar hub in sunny Western country.

NSW bushfires: Crews fear soaring temperatures and strong winds may cause fires to flare



UK. British nuclear lobby now going after government subsidies. British nuclear wastes to remain at old nuclear power plants.

Southeast Asia now a disappointment to the global nuclear marketing driveVietnam ditches nuclear power plans.

INDIA. Nuclear non-proliferation is undermined by India-Japan deal.

USA.  Trump’s Promise to be America’s Most Dangerous, Divisive President. Drought, Climate Change Spur Severe Election Day Wildfire Outbreak Across Four-State Area. The nuke heads want to use small nuclear reactor for Mars travel (I suppose it’s on tax-payers’ money).

Continuing serious problems with USA’s Watts Bar Unit 2, last old nuclear reactor of the 20th century. Explosion-Fire at Nuclear Power Station Near New York City on Election Day Due to Equipment Failure.

JAPANDwindling future prospects for Japanese nuclear companies. Japanese government’s underhand scheme to subsidise nuclear power.

FRANCE. France’s nuclear power dependence causing anxiety.

SOUTH AFRICA. Vested interests and corruption in South Africa’s nuclear procurement. South Africa’s Eskom ‘just can’t do nuclear’

Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows


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