This week’s climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANThe annual United Nations climate change conference starts in Marrakech on Monday and will also serve as the first official meeting of parties to the Paris agreement struck in 2015. Even with the Paris climate deal, world will warm 3.4°C by 2100. Famine, war and disease – a grim future if climate change is not stalled. Drifting into Arctic Un-Winter. Experts doubt that geo-engineering will succeed in halting climate change. Leonardo Di Caprio’s new film “Before The Flood” debunks climate myths.

Mikhail Gorbachev leads, in appeal for dialogue, and reason.


The danger for Australia as Prime Minister Turnbull wants to change Australia’s Environment Act

A Treaty with Australia’s First Peoples is the best path to get us to a good future.

CLIMATE Australia could be excluded from UN climate talks: has not ratified Paris agreement  Senate inquiry into bushfires hears of climate change impacts. Mike Baird’s New South Wales government – more “creative accounting” on climate change. Company directors could face penalties for ignoring climate change.  Victoria’s Point Lonsdale beach – just one example of rising sea levels.

Western Australia to be hit hard by climate change. W.A. has the opportunity to become a renewable energy superpowerWind energy a winner for W.A. communities.

New South Wales households lose solar feedin tariff benefits.

Queensland : Activists take coal mine fight to the High Court.  Adani coal mine: Queensland Government publicly embarrassed over handling of megamine.


UN vote to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons- Australia voted against it.

South Australian Labor comes up with the delaying tactic that pro nuclear Premier Weatherill wanted. Weatherill heckled by anti nuclear protestors. South Australian government nuclear focus groups at Port Pirie – separate the sexes! Tax-payer funding goes to South Australian nuclear propaganda event Nov 15-16.

South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury – a sophisticated exercise in manufacturing consent. A minority Citizens Jury Report is being prepared.

  • Shonky Nuclear Royal Commission could be the end for South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.
  • Kevin Scarce’s Nuclear Conflict of Interest.
  • Tainted economic evidence was given to South Australia’s Nuclear Royal Commission.
  • Nuclear Royal Commission ignored world’s one and only existing deep underground nuclear waste dump – all this explained by Dr Jim Green.

Queensland :  Ben Lomond uranium mine hit with an Environmental Protection Order 


President Obama’s important legacy on climate change.

6th depleted uranium resolution passed by UN General Assembly’s First Committee.

SOUTH AFRICA: Eskom’s nuclear procurement plan raises more questions than it answers. Eskom boss Brian Molefe is not coping well with South Africa’s corruption scandal.

UK. Secret documents reveal that British tax-payers will cop the costs of Hinkley’s nuclear wastes and any serious accident. Hinkley construction “milestone” reached before contract signed.  China determined to export nuclear expertise: it all hangs on UK Hinkley project.  Fears over core safety as cracks found in Scots nuclear reactor.

NORTH KOREA. Top secret operation into North Korea to destroy Kim Jong-un’s nuclear weapons stash.  Top Nuclear Negotiators of US, China Meet in Beijing to discuss concerns over North Korea.

CHINA. Warning that a USA strike on North Korea would spark war with China.Meltdown in China’s Nuclear Power Plans.

USA.  A new tool for law enforcement agencies to identify criminal nuclear activity.  ‘Substantial weaknesses’ in TVA safety culture at new nuclear plant.  Just like any other house – but it’s got a SOLAR ROOF.

JAPAN. Asahi Shimbun made brave effort for investigative journalism.   Japan’s vote against nuke ban talks mocks its anti-nuke credo.  Survivors of A-bomb protest Japan opposing nuke ban treaty. Gov’t to seek disaster compensation funds from consumers who used nuclear energy.

RUSSIA. Russia’s top secret nuclear sacrifice zone revealed.

INDIA. India turning away from fossil fuels, to replace coal with cheaper solar power by 2022

SPAIN. By 2100 Southern Spain headed to become a desert, with climate change


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