South Australia: the manipulations of the Premier, the Defence industry and the nuclear lobby

 South Australia blanket
Claudio Pompili  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia 31 Oct 16  Weatherill, his
apparatchiks, advisors and academics from both the nuclear industry BHP-Billiton/Santos et al and those in Defence that are pushing for nuclear submarines/capabilities, the Business Council of SA, and in concert with the Murdoch/MSM press, have precision-engineered this campaign to simultaneously blitzkrieg the people of SA with pro-nuke propaganda whilst purposefully obfuscating the SA proposal with that of the Federal government’s search for a dump of our indigenous low-level nuclear waste.
The confusion is of volition and the strategy’s outcome has been immensely effective nationally in not only keeping the topic out of the national spotlight in general but also to make any trickle of dissent that does appear nationally, such as summarised in the slogan “not in our backyard”, appear to be driven by self-interest and, therefore, it’s SA’s problem.

It’s the old divide and conquer with huge resources from both industry and the public purse.

That said, there are fault lines starting to appear in the juggernaut, such as the limited accommodation of the critics in the 2nd Citizens Jury Economic forum, and Weatherill’s failure to attain a mandate motion at least weekend’s ALP State Conference. There will be consternation and increased applied effort from all pro-nuke actors both to guard Weatherill’s back and ramp up inertia through glamorised, potentially high profile events such as the yet-another Nuclear Conference in Adelaide next month.

The frenzied, sleight-of-hand, in-the-shadows activities of the pro-nukes has the sniff of desperation. After all, they have a huge amount at stake. If their campaign fails this time, yet again, it’s likely terminal for the nuclear industry. Given the tipping points have arrived on many fronts with climate change, renewable energies, peak neo-liberal economics, autocratic far-right governments, and global geo-political instability/insecurities, it’s most unlikely that the expansion of SA’s nuclear sector will ever be countenanced.

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