Premier Weatherill manages to get South Australian Labor to delay nuclear waste decision

Special assembly to weigh SA nuclear dump, SBS, 30 Oct 16,  SA’s Labor Party state
convention has delayed making a decision on the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in the state’s north. 
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has run the gauntlet of anti-nuclear protesters as Labor voted to put the question of establishing a high-level nuclear waste dump to a special party convention.
Mr Weatherill was heckled by several hundred anti-nuclear activists while entering the ALP state conference in Adelaide on Saturday, as they called on him to scrap the dump idea, which goes against current party policy.

Dave Sweeney, from the Australian Conservation Foundation, told the protesters South Australia was so much more than a dumping site.

“This is a bad idea, it’s a thought bubble that should have burst on day one,” Mr Sweeney said.

“We will not be burying waste, we will be burying this idea.”

The convention considered a number of motions related to the dump, including one calling for the government to hold a referendum on the issue.

Others called for the government to delay any decision until after the issue was discussed at the next national ALP conference while the Maritime Union of Australia urged the state government to “cease and desist” with any action to consider a dump of any kind.

However, the party endorsed a motion to have the issue put before a special convention at the conclusion of the community consultation process.

The state government remains committed to making a decision on the dump proposal by the end of the year ….


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