These are the WITNESSES for South Australia’s NUCLEAR CITIZENS’ JURY October 29-30

Pro nuclear witnesses in RED. Probably Leaning to pro – orange Neutral (or I don’t know) in Yellow Leaning to nuclear free – light green Nuclear free -GREEN

It is not clear exactly which individuals are to be the facilitators.

Safety (1)(includes overview and focus on impact on human health)



Dr Sami Hautakangas (alternate for Timo Äikäs)
Dr Margaret Beavis
Dr Robert Hall (alternate for Professor Tilman Ruff)
Dr Stephan Bayer (alternate for John Carlson)
Dr Tony Hooker (added by democracyCo from Fact Check queries)
Dr Ian Fairlie (via Skype)
Dr Jim Green
Safety (2) 

(includes general safety, siting and transport)




Dr John Loy (alternate for Carl-Magnus Larsson)
Frank Boulton
Dr Andrew Herczeg
Ian Hore-Lacy
Professor David Giles
Dr Dirk Mallants (alternate for Dr Ian Chessell)
Professor Sandy Steacy
Trust(includes role of Government, legislation, regulation, trust in Government)





Steve McIntosh
Hon. Mark Parnell, MLC
Dr Benito Cao
Keith Baldry (added by democracyCo from Fact Check queries)
Professor Haydon Manning
Attorney General/Crown Solicitors Office Witness TBA


Richard Dennis
Adjunct Professor Richard Blandy
Professor Barbara Pocock
Assoc. Professor Mark Diesendorf (via Skype)
Tim Johnson (added by democracyCo from Fact Check queries)



Dan Spencer
Professor Bob Watts (via Skype)
Gerald Ouzounian
Ross Womersley
Dr Simon Longstaff
Cathy O’Loughlin (alternate Gill McFadyen)

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