to 22 October -Nuclear, Climate News, Australia and beyond

a-cat-CANNUCLEAR weapons and the risk of nuclear conflict very much in the news. One view – that this risk has been overstated lately. Final presidential debate reveals sobering facts on how fast nuclear war could happen. UN again to study the effects of depleted uranium contamination. Hans Blix warns on nuclear power stations as terrorist bait.

CLIMATE. Scary possibilities of Trump style demagogues as the world faces the consequences of climate change.   Arctic Sea Ice Falls into Record Low Ranges — Again. East Africa’s water resources threatened as a result of climate change.


My week started off in a somewhat surreal way, as I participated in a modest-sized, but determined National Day of Action on Nuclear Waste, in Melbourne. Here we were, in our anti-nuclear gear, politely handing out information at Flinders St Station to the elegantly clad ladies and gentlemen on their way to the start of the Spring Racing Carnival. You can be reassured that none of those lovely people tarnished their beauty by actually touching our foul propaganda.  The sad thing is that in my State, Victoria, the subject of Australia planned as the world’s nuclear toilet – is unknown. Sydney and Alice Springs demonstrations did better.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA had a massive rally.  Aboriginal landowners were joined by thousands in protest against nuclear waste dumping.

Premier Jay Weatherill’s probable moves in November: amend the  Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Prohibition Act 2000  in the final Parliament scheduled sitting week of 29th Nov to 1st Dec. Then formally ask the Federal government to jointly work up the Inter dump plan along-side the SA gov through-out 2017 and in the lead up to the March 2018 State election.

South Australian Labor Party Conference on 29 October will surely debate nuclear policy, and overturning the law against nuclear waste importing – a critical point for Jay Weatherill’s political career. 

Adelaide will host the next Nuclear Citizens’ so-called Jury on 29-30 October. The list of witnesses, and their likely attitudes is up on Antinuclear. Though the meeting organiser DemocracyCo does try to be fair, it is probable that this event will be pretty much controlled by the shonky Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission, as was the last one. VariousFacebook pages try to keep up with the process.

Meanwhile the Weatherill govt is importing top nuclear shills, such as James Voss to lecture South Australians on the benefits of nuclear. Geordan Graetz, pro nuclear spruiker is a ‘Community Engagement Advisor” to South Australians

Military targets in Australia. Prof Richard Tanter continues the great work of Desmond Ball, (who died on Oct 12) on analysing defence issues. Tanter now issues a warning on the dangers in Australia’s rather mindless hosting of American military stations, notably Pine Gap.

Australia will, for the first time ever, vote “NO” in the UN, to  negotiating a new treaty that prohibits nuclear weapons.

UN human rights expert finds that Australian government has lost trust of civil society

CLIMATE and RENEWABLE ENERGY Oh dear – Australian taxpayers funded publishing of climate denialist Bjorn Lomborg’s book. South Australia’s Sundrop Farms – desert solar powered agriculture.Tidal energy – Australian Maritime College launches new turbine in Tamar River.



RUSSIA indicates readiness for World War 111- bomb shelters and gas masks The rise and political rise of Russia’ssecretive nuclear tsar Sergey Kirienko.

SOUTH AFRICA. Cabinet to DISCUSS ESKOM’S ROLE IN NUCLEAR DEAL.   How Eskom paid for Gupta mine.

JAPAN. Ruling Party LDP may lose next election if nuclear exit becomes main issue. Abe’s Nuclear Japan Goals FaceMore Ballot-Box Battles in 2017. New Niigata governor puts up additional hurdle for TEPCO.   Rainwater flood in Shika nuclear plant raises concerns at NRA.

GERMANY . Germany’s leading utilities to start contributing to nuclear waste storage fund.

UK.  blocks bank accounts of news media RT.    Britain’s old dead nuclear submarines – no way to dispose of them for decades.

FRANCE. Nuclear power plant maintenance stoppages cause France’s electricity prices to rise.

OCEANIA. When the law really IS an ass – International Court of Justice rejects Marshall Islands’ nuclear weapons case.

NORTH KOREA . U.S. and South Korea Say North Korean Missile Exploded Soon After Liftoff.    A little good sense –Japanese and North Korean students make friends.


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