Nuclear and Climate News to 14 October

a-cat-CANClimate change is still the Big One. But, the danger of nuclear war is also the Big One, and particularly so right now. Red Cross and Red Crescent (IRRC) statement to UN on nuclear disarmament. Religious groups unite to lobby at UN on nuclear weapons banNobel Prize laureates call for an end to the insanity of nuclear weapons.

Removing CO2 From the Air  seen as Only Hope for Fixing Climate Change

People and planet endangered by the Trans Pacific Partnership.



15 October Australia National Day of Action Against Nuclear Waste Dumps. There’ll be a big rally in South Australia, because people there who care are aware of the State and Federal government’s nefarious plans for two different systems of nuclear waste dumping in that State . In the rest of Australia, government and media have maintained a disgraceful silence about the ongoing process to turn Australia into the world’s nuclear waste toilet. Despite the media blanket, protestors will rally in Victoria New South Wales,  and  today in Western Australia. 

SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Nuclear Citizens’ Jury members not allowed to change the wording of their set question.    Witnesses recommended for the next Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Importing, South Australia. Monitoring South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury.

People power against nuclear waste dumping – protest at proposed Federal dump site in Flinders Ranges

Australian International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons calls on government to stop blocking progress on nuclear disarmament.

CLIMATE  Australia under question at UN over its climate change policy. Turnbull government has misused clean energy funds.

South Australia. Premier Jay Weatherill on the right track regarding renewable energy and electricity blackout. Solar power needed, to bring energy security and jobs to Port Augusta, South Australia. World first: Concentrated Solar Power Plant growing tomatoes.

Queensland govt’s push for solar power on all government buildings. Queensland govt requires Adani to prove financial viability for Carmichael mine. Legal challenge to Adani’s Abbot Point plans in Queensland’s Supreme Court. Traditional owners fighting Adani mine meet UN Rapporteur .

Australian Capital Territory  Canberra’s renewable energy leadership at risk, as Federal govt demonises renewables.


The Health Impacts Of Climate Change Are Huge And Very Real. Lord Stern – Indigenous land rights fundamental to climate safety.

Solar costs rocketing DOWN world-wide.

If they didn’t have mental problems before, Mars travellers sure will afterwards!


RUSSIA. Putin orders overseas Russian officials to bring family members home. Russia moves nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad , but says this is not significant. Russia’s ceremony to mark start of construction of floating nuclear power station.

NORTH KOREA on track to ramp up its nuclear weapons. Spiral of repeated failure in nuclear sanctions against North Korea.

JAPAN. Newborn baby deaths significantly increased in areas radioactively polluted by Fukushima nuclear disaster.   According to a wildlife journalist, even in Tokyo some animals suffer mutationsActive Volcanoes Endanger Japan’s Operating Nuclear Power Stations: Mount Aso Awakened Explosively; Sakurajima Already Awake.

CHINA. China going allout to market nuclear reactors to Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East

UK. Britain’s uneconomic Hinkley nuclear project really connected with its nuclear weapons aims.

CANADA.  Canadian nuclear safety official in bed with nuclear industry?

SWITZERLAND. Switzerland bans new nuclear reactors.

SOUTH AFRICA. Tina Joemat-Pettersson says South African govt will not fund nuclear build. Something not quite right about South Africa’s plan for Eskom to finance nuclear build?

INDIA. India’s government seeking private investment for its costly Light Water Nuclear Reactors.

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