R ound-up of this week’s climate and nuclear news

a-cat-CANInvestigative journalism this week – yes, it still can happen. This time, it’s the Washington Post, revealing the scandalous origin of the rare earths that we use so prolifically in all our new gizmos – from mobile phones to wind turbines.Cobalt mining in the Congo. Graphite mining in China.


NUCLEAR. While climate news is still the BIG one, for Australia, the pro nuclear machinations going on in South Australia form the URGENT one. On October 9 and 10, the second Nuclear Citizens’ Jury will be held in Adelaide. The last Citizens Jury, while being very well run by DemocracyCo, had a strange brief, and some biased and ignorant witnesses. 

While in S Australia, all the very expensive preparations and propaganda for nuclear waste importing go on (all at S Australian taxpayers’ expense)  the rest of Australia is oblivious. We must thank the subservient Aussie media for this, especially the Murdochracy.

Another inaccuracy from pro nuclear propagandist Geraldine Thomas.  Adi Paterson, Australia’s top nuclear guru, inpro nuclear promotion to Asian schools.

Especially in South Australia, but also in other States, those who care will be protesting against this plan for Australia as the world’s nuclear toilet – on Saturday October 15 –NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION against nuclear waste dumps in SA.Sydney   Melbourne.



CLIMATE. Earth is locked into’ Temperatures Not Seen in 2 Million Years.  Climate change could become self perpetuating- danger in Indonesia’s peatlands, and fires. Much higher methane emissions from fossil fuels – previously were underestimated.  Climate change could bring megadroughts to California. Next month, Paris climate agreement will enter into force.


UN court rejects Marshall Islands nuclear arms lawsuit.


Diplomacy Is Over As Russia and The U.S. Face Off.

RUSSIA has suspended its nuclear and energy research agreement with the United States.

JAPAN. Nuclear cash cow Monju now a liability for residents as plant faces ax.   Japan’s nuclear regulator caves to industry interests yet again–Gives nearly 40 year old reactor a green light before the aging safety review even completed.

Fukushima. Japan Grapples with Cost of Scrapping Fukushima PlantTepco Threatens To Declare Bankruptcy; Dismantling Unit 1.  Tainted Water Grows at Fukushima N-Plant despite Ice Wall.

UK.  Building to Start on New Nuclear Submarines as UK Government Announces £1.3 billion Investment. Britain sited 2 nuclear power plants on eroding shingle beach.  So far, in 2016, solar energy is outstripping coal power in UK.

FRANCE. In northern France thousands protest against nuclear power. Tribulations of the nuclear industry, as serious safety flaws found in EDF’s nuclear reactors.

IRAN. U.N. atomic agency chief says Iran sticking to nuclear deal.

NIGER. Tuareg Activist Takes on AREVA: Uranium Mining in Niger.


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