Climate and nuclear news to September 10

a-cat-CANNUCLEAR The world was jolted into a renewed awareness of nuclear war danger, today, as North Korea conducted another nuclear bomb test. It may also be miniaturising nuclear warheads, to fit on a missile.  President Obama has stated that America will stick to the principle of being willing to make a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

However, the “Red Button” nuclear war system can be reformed: Donald Trump’s rise illustrates the need for this. Nuclear war risks lessened by Iran nuclear deal, which should continue in USA’s next administration. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty has enduring value.

CLIMATE. The world had better pay attention NOW – to soaring ocean temperatures.  Effect of Global Warming on World’s Ocean Circulation is an unknown quantity. More frequent, more powerful Super Typhoons, with climate change. Flooding – a dire hazard to nuclear power stations.  USA and China formally ratify Paris climate agreement. Coal lobby is urged to copy tactics of the tobacco lobby!


French anti-nuclear activists force Australian delegation to leave National Radioactive Waste Management Agency (ANDRA).

Australian govt uses out-dated terminology, to disguise reality of High Level Nuclear waste. Confusion about the two South Australian nuclear waste dump plans.

Australia’s nuclear lobby wants waste dump as a prelude to setting up ‘new nuclear’ in South Asia

Australian uranium companies notorious for exploitation of African communities.

South Australia. Hawker in the middle of the earthquake hazard zone, close to federal govt’s planned nuclear waste dump site.

CLIMATE   High Profile Members of Climate Change Authority slam ‘Untrue and Dangerous’ report. Climate Change Authority Special Review: Minority Report. Meaningless climate weasel words from Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg. Australia the Pacific Pariah as it idolises coal.  Australia an international pariah? as other nations ratify Paris Climate Agreement.


South Australian govt makes a change- to purchase 75 per cent of its long-term electricity needs.

Queensland. Renewable energy future – Hybrid Solar and Wind Systems ? Queensland is getting one. Queensland University of Technology to divest its fossil fuel shares.

ENERGY Sharp falls predicted for Australia’s thermal coal exports.    

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funding 12 large scale solar projects. Australian Renewable Energy Agency negotiating with govt, trying to save its funding. Farmers get economic safety net, thanks to wind farms. Solar power in Australia working better than expectedGeothermal energy – not necessarily renewable, nor environmentally benign.

Australian business leaders support UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Poll shows broad support for green groups using ‘lawfare’ to challenge mining ventures.


CANADANuclear company SNC-Lavalin‘s sorry history of corruption.

UK.   Britain’s national disgrace: nuclear reprocessing at Sellafield.

Celtic Union of Renewable Energy Launched By Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

JAPAN. The end of the line for Japan’s super expensive nuclear reprocessing project?   To secure 2020 Olympics Japan’s PM Abe lied about Fukushima nuclear plant being ‘under control’. Concern as leaky ‘ice wall’ around Fukushima nuke plant resembles ‘bamboo screen’. Robot to probe nuke fuel debris in Fukushima No. 2 reactor. 10% return to Fukushima town since evacuation order lifted in ’15.

USA. As nuclear costs rise, top economist urges nuclear operators on early decommissioning of reactors. Outcry over secret trucking of weapons grade nuclear waste to South Carolina. Hypocrisy of big USA companies on climate change.

IRAN. IAEA confidential report shows Iran is Not Cheating on Nuclear Deal. Attempts to sabotage Iran nuclear deal – who stands to gain in this?

SWITZERLAND. Renewable energy heading to replace nuclear power in Switzerland.

SOUTH AFRICA. Nuclear power procurement costs for South Africa could cost triple the estimate.

SOUTH KOREA. Push for South Korea to get nuclear-powered submarines.

CHINA. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) concerned about nuclear safety in China.

UKRAINE. European financiers very worried about Ukraine’s dire nuclear industry problems.

BELARUS.  problems, secrecy, ignorance on nuclear unsafety


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