Can South Australia cope with the bureaucratic mountain needed for nuclear waste dumping?

paperwork nuclear dump

Derek Abbott Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia , 24 August 16 Is South Australia aware of the administrative tsunami that will come, with nuclear waste importing plan?

Yucca Mountain created 3.7 million documents. I don’t think Jay is prepared for the administrative nightmare a repository will bring. Jay will buckle under the sheer load of the paperwork:

 Joseph Cullen That would create a few jobs at least

  Derek Abbott Useless admin jobs are just what are needed
  Trisha Dee Some jobs in the short term. But do you really think the government is going to pay people to manage the paperwork in 30 years time? 50 years time? 100 years time? 500 years time? 1000 years time?
1,000 years is how long the Royal Commission report says the material needs to be managed and they guessed at a cost for this (though not included it in the project costs).
Yucca Mountain Documents Now Publicly Available – In a New Online Library, USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission August 19, 2016 David McIntyre Public Affairs Officer

The NRC is flipping the switch today on its new LSN Library — making nearly 3.7 million documents related to the adjudicatory hearing on the proposed Yucca Mountain repository available to the public…….The library is significant for three reasons. First, it meets federal records requirements. Second, the library again provides public access to the previously-disclosed discovery materials should the Yucca Mountain adjudicatory hearing resume. Third, should the Yucca Mountain hearing not resume, the library will provide an important source of technical information for any future high-level waste repository licensing proceeding.


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