Climate and nuclear news this week

a-cat-CANClimate change is an emergency – NOW . While some of us have for decades campaigned against the acute and chronic danger of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, I am having to admit that the climate change issue is urgent, in an even more powerful way.  That’s because climate change has crept up on the world in an insidious way, so that now it is just about at the tipping point, just about irreversible.

One could argue that, short of a global catastrophe – a nuclear war, the world might still stop the nuclear horror “later on”. There is no “later on” for climate change.

We must fight both of these horrendous global threats.


CLIMATE.  It’s winter, so we don’t notice it really, but much of Australia is experiencing an “exceptional” record run of steamy August weather as experts tip 2016 to be the warmest year since records began. Australia had its warmest autumn on record. Media coverage given to serial climate denying pest Sen. Malcolm Roberts.

NUCLEAR.  It’s South Australia, as usual. The South Australian Parliament’s Joint Committee on Findings of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission (NFCRC) is underway. Although 4 of the 5 Committee members are actually pro nuclear, the Committee is subjecting the NFCRC to  a much needed scrutiny. This is one of the few processes going on, where the NFCRC personnel are not in control. The plan to bring international nuclear wastes to South Australia is particularly interesting to Parliament from the financial point of view. It is doubtful that it will bring the financial bonanza that its chief, Kevin Scarce has touted. Submissions to South Australia Parliament are overwhelmingly opposed to nuclear waste importing.

Meanwhile the other processes continue, the propaganda forums, the move to get rid of laws that prohibit the  nuclear industry. Premier Weatherill off to Finland next month to study nuclear waste project. But interestingly, the Liberal Opposition leader Steven Marshall has pulled out of this trip. 

Western Australia.   Environmental groups put a winning argument against the Yeelirrie uranium project.  Aboriginal people will fight planned Vimy uranium mine, despite EPA’s approval of it. Native title win for the Ngurra Kayanta people.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Industry Minister Greg Hunt attacks renewable energy, but Energy Minister Frydenbereg supports it.  Victorians, including Liberals want an urgent shift to renewable energy. Senator Nick Xenophon calls on South Australia, Victoria to set up an electricity trading scheme .


Regions hit by world’s hottest month. Global warming brings worse wildfires – United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. Get used to extreme floods. Climate Change – a serious matter now – will threaten future Olympic Games!

Nuclear reactors, old or new designs, doomed without hefty tax-payer subsidies.


UK.  UK’s Crown Estate recommends UK switching attention from nuclear power to offshore wind.  “Small Nuclear” companies keen to market their wares to UK government.

RUSSIA. International nuclear tensions: Russia builds ‘nuclear bomb proof’ underground bunkers.

JAPAN. Japan’s big ‘nuclear restart’ overtaken by conservation and renewables.   Shikoku Electric fires up Ehime plant MOX reactor amid protests.  Citizen groups organise for legal action to stop Japan’s nuclear restarts.

CANADA. Uranium Miner Cameco’s Tax Avoidance Cost Canada Over $2 Billion in Lost Revenue.

FRENCH POLYNESIA‘s Protestant church takes action against France over nuclear testing.

SOUTH AFRICADrone crash into Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.


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