A military connection to South Australia’s nuclear waste plan?

Royal Commission weapons

In 2016 Australia faces a further step into involvement in nuclear weapons and the American military encirclement of the globe.  We’ve long had those connections, with Pine Gap and the US military buildup in Darwin.

The South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission ushers in a whole new phase.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission’s (NFCRC’s) Terms of References specifically excluded exploration of the military uses of nuclear materials. It is customary to appoint a legal expert, usually a retired judge. Why then did the government  appoint two senior military officials to positions of Commissioner and Chief of Staff?

Is there a military connection to South Australia’s nuclear waste plan, that we haven’t been told about?

The plan to buy French submarines, that could later be converted to nuclear submarines has been linked with the NFCRC project, as Dan Monceaux has detailed in his submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

Another big worry is the apparent inability of Australia’s politicians, especially the ruling Liberal Coalition, to understand the contradictory position that they put us in. Enthusiastic support of USA’s militarism towards China, is a dangerous attitude for Australia to take, and most unwise, with China being our top trading partner.


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