Wrap-up of the weeks’ nuclear news


child restraint Northern Territory

Child restraint – Northern Territory

I’m having  a little trouble, concentrating this week. It’s bad enough that Australia is ignoring the nuclear threat, and the climate change threat. These are national, global matters – at least we will, as Tom Lehrer said “all go together when we go”.  However, the news on how this country, this government, supports  utter cruelty to children, especially Aboriginal children, and to refugees, – this personal barbarism to individuals –  how on earth can Australians ignore this?


Independent inquiry finds that the ABC is not biased.

BHP Billiton’s costs for Brazil mine disaster – $3 billion and rising.

Back at the nuclear/climate front –

CLIMATE.  Well, our new coal/nuclear enthusiast Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg has been making some pro renewable energy noises. I could almost feel sorry for him, although I can’t stand him, because he’ll be under attack now from the incumbent energy industry. The Turnbull government is unlikely to stand up to the coal and nuclear lobbies, and their bought friends in Parliament. Complete ecosystem collapse in sections of Great Barrier Reef.

NUCLEAR. Taxpayers left with the bill for cleaning up uranium mines. Australian uranium miner Paladin questioned by Australian Securities Exchange.

As usual it’s all about SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  They’re having  Parliamentary Inquiry into nuclear waste importing.  No need to get excited about this – the Committee members include 5 pro nuclear MPs and one anti-nuclear (Mark Parnell of The Greens). Global nuclear industry promoters influencing SA nuclear waste plan.

Meanwhile the government has launched its nuclear publicity juggernaut – this very day. Fortunately South Australian Greens prevented a law that would give full rein to taxpayer funded nuclear promotion.

The Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission is promoting the nuclear waste import plan to TAFE students, in what is looking like  a very biased session. 

South Australian Nuclear Royal Commission Did Not Give The Citizens’ Jury The Full Picture . Meanwhile, Nuclear Weathervane Weatherill wavers on his anti – referendum stance.



CLIMATE. Accuracy of climate modelling in predicting ocean and atmospheric warming. Hottest year on record – 2016 shaping up to be that. Climate Change, Drought Fan Massive Sand Fire, Forcing 20,000 Californians to Flee. USA’s African Methodist Episcopal church speaks out on climate change. Heatwave deaths linked to climate change. World’s climate endangered by Russia’s wildfires.

 Climate change will drive voter turnout in America. Climate change a focus for the USA Democrats election policy.

Costs of European wind energy dropped.: wind in Europe now cheaper than nuclear power. Solar energy on track to become the cheapest power globally.


Record 11 year low for uranium price.


UK.  EDF approved UK Hinkley nuclear project, but now there’s a new delay.   Like Brexit, UK’s Hinkley nuclear plan is based on shaky politics, not on economic reality.  UK proposal to offer subsidy contracts to Russia, China and South Korea to build nuclear power stations!

Future of UK’s Bradwell and Sizewell nuclear projects now in doubt as government to review Hinkley plan. Report questions value of new nuclear projects in Wales compared with renewables.  Cost of Hitachi nuclear plant for North Wales is far too high.

 Rail transport of nuclear wastes across North Wales is opposed by residents.  Despite Brexit, Swedish energy company Vattenfall commits to £300m UK offshore windfarm.

TURKEY. B61 thermonuclear warheads in Turkey – a worry in the light of coup attempt.

JAPAN. Radioactive cesium stays for 3 years in bodies of Fukushima nuclear clean-up workers. TEPCO admits that ice wall will not stop groundwater from entering crippled Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings.  Japan Atomic Energy Agency again fails to do safety tests at Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactorCitizen science takes on Japan’s nuclear establishment. Japan business lobby says Abe govt can’t rely on nuclear energy.

FRANCE. EDF board member resigns, attacking Hinkley Point nuclear project as financially ‘risky’. French government propping up nuclear company EDF with a cash boost.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s nuclear company Eskom urging government to freeze renewable energy program.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. South Korea in charge of nuclear power system in United Arab Emirates.

POLAND‘s restrictive new law hampers wind energy development.

NORTH KOREA‘s nuclear weapons not able to reach Britain


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