Nuclear and climate news this week – Australia and International

a-cat-CANRemarkable story of the week –  The deadly secret of Russia’s secret nuclear radioactive city  Ozersk, codenamed City 40


It’s not too late to comment on this appalling nuclear lobby plan to make South Australia the world’s nuclear toilet.  Yes, the South Australian govt will probably ignore you. However, as with Facebook, Twitter, and comments all over the place – the pro nuclear shills are active on this site, too – at


Federal Politics Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wasted no time in gifting to the nuclear and coal industries – the newMinister For Environment and Energy – Josh Frydenberg.  Australia rates rather poorly on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Turnbull govt still backing Trans Pacific Partnership. Warning to Australia against being USA ‘deputy sheriff’ near China.

South Australia holding Parliamentary Inquiry in the nuclear waste importing plan. No report so far, but evidence was given by Craig Wilkins (Conservation Council Of South Australia), and by independent campaigner David Noonan. 

Premier Jay Weatherill is launching  a pro nuclear extravaganza. The tax-payers of this cash-strapped State are forking out at least $13 million this campaign to blanket the State with nuclear propaganda. First the Royal Commission fed them with abiased report recommending nuclear waste importing. Then a Citizens’ Jury was fed very dubious economic,health and safety information on this.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Consultation and Response Agency, (made up of nameless people) aresending out teams to 101 cities and towns to carry the pro nuclear message to the population.

Renewable energy. In South Australia the Liberal Coalition  opposition appears to be behind the feeding of misinformation on wind energy, to the Murdoch media. In other States, the Coalition attacks renewable energy, and Murdoch media continues to publicise this. Nick Xenophon wants inquiry in South Australia’s renewable energy issues.

South Australia is set to get world’s biggest solar + storage project. Canberra’s solar farms with sun- tracking technology. Victoria to get record-breaking wind farm. Queensland: Catholic schools recognised by Vatican for solar energy success.


CLIMATEClimate change threatens economies, as workers hampered by increasing heat. Montreal Protocol to be amended to phase out climate damaging hydrofluorocarbons. Global Heat Leaves 20th Century Temps ‘Far Behind’ —June Another Hottest Month on RecordIf Amazon forest catches fire, world climate will be in even bigger trouble.

NUCLEAR  World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2016 launched in Tokyo.  Nuclear Risk Assessment – more dangerous than previously thought.


FRANCE. Several French trade unions want “out” of EDF’s Hinkley nuclear project

USA. The dark money behind Stewart Brand‘s advocacy of nuclear power. Total cost of Pentagon’s secretive bomber program estimated at $100 billion.

SOUTH KOREA. Thousands protest against planned deployment of USA anti-missile system

RUSSIA. The deadly secret of Russia’s secret nuclear radioactive city Ozersk, codenamed City 40


CANADA. Canada’s Federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair demands independent investigation in to nuclear unsafety allegations.  Calgary succeeds brilliantly with wind-powered Light Rail Transport.

SOUTH AFRICA. nuclear energy plans stalled: too expensive. Dirty uranium industry not a job creator for South Africa.

IRAN. Iran and West both compliant on nuclear deal – but cautious

RENEWABLE ENERGY North America looking at a Trillion Dollar Renewable Energy Market  Cochin International Airport in Kerala, India powered entirely by solar energy.



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