13 July Nuclear and Climate News


CLIMATE – ho hum – according to the mainstream media, well, climate just wasn’t an issue in the recent election. We face the prospect of another Liberal government toeing the line of its vehement climate denialist members.  Australia takes quite a part of the blame in the disgraceful global web of climate denialism.

NUCLEAR – a South Australian special. The Weatherill Labor government organised 4 days of a so-called “Citizens’ Jury”. It was run by small South Australianall-female firm DemocracyCo.  They probably shouldn’t have taken the job on, seeing that it was firmly set that this would not be any kind of a real jury. The job of the Citizens’ Jury was to make no verdict, no recommendations, but just to produce a summary of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission’s recommendations .

Which they did. Premier Weatherill is now touting their report as if it were the decisions of the Citizens’ Jury. The Jury people were intelligent, kept to their narrow brief, and produced this report.

DemocracyCo ran the Citizens’ Jury in a competent, well organised and fair manner. Because of the particular brief – it seemed natural that Royal Commission (RC)  personnel were all about, and that most witnesses tended to be closely aligned with the nuclear lobby.

So – as it turned out, the Citizens’ Jury was fed nonsense about ionising radiation, and some pretty dubious stuff about safety and economics.

The good side of all this, is that South Australian citizens are becoming aware of this nuclear con job. There are critical comments all over the place, and especially sent to the RC’s own website. The Aborigines are not impressed.

There’ll be another Nuclear Citizens’ Jury in November. It will be interesting to see how that one works out, and what effect will result from South Australia’s coming nuclear propaganda avalanche. 


CLIMATE Record 9 hottest years in a row. Warning to Teresa May on climate threats to Brexit Britain.  Democratic Senators naming and blaming the funders of climate science denial. USA media keeps the issue of climate change off the political agenda.  Frivolous lawsuits aimed to attack climate scientists. Donald Trump’s real estate empire already suffering from climate change.

NUCLEAR.  Things are crook, very crook, for the uranium industry.

UK. Chilcot says Britain shirking its responsibilty to help clean up radioactive destruction in Iraq. British Parliament to vote on renewing Trident nuclear missile system, as Brexit problems loom. Brexit uncertainty adding to anxiety of former supporters of UK’s Hinkley nuclear project. Renewal of Trident nuclear weapons system opposed by British Labour and Scottish National Party.  Drigg Nuclear Waste Dump Menaced By Coastal Erosion: Foreign Companies Profit; UK Taxpayer Holds Liability. Britain’s nuclear submarines’ radioactive wastes will NOT be going to Scotland.

USA. Renewables beat nuclear on economics, as Wall Street now finds. “Indian Point” New Documentary Investigates Nuclear Power from New York to Fukushima.  President Obama ready to make policy changes to reduce role of nuclear weapons. Republicans trying to roll back the Iran nuclear agreement.  Workers on strike at Hanford Nuclear Reservation due to health concerns.  Department of Energy not able to meet deadline on demolishing Hanford’s Plutonium Finishing Plant. Connecticut lawmaker seeks justice over “stranded nuclear waste“. Old nuclear waste from Manhattan Project contaminating Niagara County.  “Outrageous and Reckless Endangerment of Public Health” Proposed by US EPA: Increased Radiation in Drinking Water after Nuclear Accident.   Sodium cooled nuclear reactors are not necessarily safer. Ratepayer ripoff: $19 billion nuclear plant for Virginia. Generous subsidies proposed for Upstate New York nuclear plants.

JAPAN. Again, a Japanese court blocks restart of 2 nuclear reactors. Japan could change pacifist constitution after Shinzo Abe victory. Nuclear power opponent wins governor’s race in South West Japan.

POLAND halts nuclear power plans, looks to renewable energy.

IRAN. Forces in Iran trying to torpedo nuclear deal.

AUSTRALIA. South Australia’s financially risky nuclear waste import scheme.


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