Nuclear, climate news to 18 June


SOUTH AUSTRALIA With the the rest of the nation paralysed in a sort of deadly dreary election campaign, the South Australian government is getting on with its push for a nuclear waste importing industry. It’s appointed SA-based startup business DemocracyCo, led by Emily Jenke, to run the Nuclear Citizens Jury on June 25-26. 10 randomly selected South Australians will be able to sit in and watch proceedings, chosen from those who register for this at Citizens Jury Viewing

The ‘pie in the sky’ financials of the South Australian Nuclear Royal Commission’s Report.

Senator Nick Xenophon, whose team might hold balance of power federally, after July 2, has stated his opposition to the waste import dump plan.  “I can’t see the benefits are there that outweigh the risks”. “I don’t support importation of high-level waste.”


CLIMATE Most Australian prioritise Great Barrier Reef over coal industry.

Australian Greens set out plan for a solar South Australia.

NUCLEAR Our national survey of Labor politicians and election candidates:  email and phone responses are dribbling in. Indications are that Labor politicians are in general very much opposed to any change in Labor’s anti nuclear policy, and especially to importing radioactive trash.

Labor leader Bill Shorten ambivalent at the least, about Australia importing nuclear waste

Greens propose a more rational way to deal with Lucas Heights’ returning nuclear wastes.

Labor would reinstate funding to environment legal centres.

Renewable energy. Solar change brings economic, social benefits to remote indigenous community   Renewables Could Boost Australian Employment by 50% – NFP Report. Batteries an energy game changerVictoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has ambitious plan for boosting wind energy. Melbourne’s world first renewable energy project.  Ever-growing boom in rooftop solar energy in New South Wales.


CLIMATE. May Marks 8th Consecutive Record Hot Month in NASA’s Global Temperature Measure. Dozens of USA climate denial groups funded by biggest US coal company.  Parts of Philippines May Submerge Due to Global Warming.

NUCLEAR.   Nuclear disasters and “normalization” of contaminated areas

UKRAINE‘s  very dangerous nuclear waste storage situation. The media ignored the fiasco of AREVA’s nuclear waste storage facility at Chernobyl.

INDIA. Nuclear marketers see India as a saviour of nuclear industry.


JAPAN. Fukushima: 173 Children Thyroid Cancers in Fukushima Prefecture Another evacuation order lifted.   Tepco chief likely banned use of ‘meltdown’ under government pressure: report. Tepco to inject cement instead of frozen water wall.  Japan report on Chernobyl disaster’s health effects to be publicly released.

SOUTH KOREA‘s  nuclear waste dilemma: will have to build waste dump

RUSSIA.  Government Against Rights Groups (Includes Environmental Groups). Russia’s powerful new nuclear icebreaker.

TAIWAN’nuclear waste problem – sees overseas reprocessing as the answer.

IRAN. US agencies and prosecutors influence Europe’s banks to impede Iran nuclear deal. Time that USA government backed its Iran nuclear deal and promoted investment.

KUWAITKuwaitis (KIA) Want Out of French State Owned Nuclear Group Areva


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