Nuclear, climate news this week

a-cat-CANInvestigative journalism lives! This one is brilliant. NBC4 is revealing LA’s Nuclear Secret – investigative journalism spells it out.


CLIMATE Christine Milne – We can ask every candidate about climate policy, and not vote for the polluters.   Australian content removed from UNESCO climate change report. Australian govt pressured UN to remove Australian topics from climate report. Greg Hunt “didn’t know” his favoured climate report written by former Liberal candidate. Sydney experiencing heat 5 degrees above average for May.


Nuclear Royal Commission

Darwin at Center of Nuclear Waste Controversy.

FEDERAL. Campaign to scrap SA nuclear waste dump plans goes national.   Indigenous owners put Minister Frydenberg on the spot about nuclear waste dump. Both Federal Liberal and Labor seem to support nuclear waste import, Senator Penny Wong wavers.  Independent Senator Nick Xenophon wants nuclear waste referendum, but only AFTER a dump site is selected.

Greens push for Inquiry and assistance to Maralinga nuclear veterans and civilians affected.

INDIGENOUS  advocate recommends both Treaty and constitutional recognition.

RENEWABLE ENERGY South Australia runs over 50% on renewable energy.  New South Wales lags behind in renewable energy use.   Queensland wind farm to create jobs, powering a city


CLIMATE Drastic impact of climate change: NASA shows these effects.   Climate change leading to mass migration crises if world does not act.   Donald Trump will pull the US out of the UN global climate accord, push coal, oil.  Canadian wildfires – huge release of carbon to the atmosphere.  New Tar Sands Impact on Climate, Air Quality Found.   ExxonMobil must be made accountable for their climate change deception.


Outcome of United Nations open-ended working group on nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear marketing propaganda abounds: USA desperately wants to market nuclear power to India, China – to Sudan, USA – to Vietnam, USA and Japan – to North Wales, UK , Russia- to Vietnam , Russia –  to South East Asia, Russia– to Iran, Russia – to Africa

USA Despite Obama’s calls for nuclear disarmament, U.S. disarmament is slowest since 1980. Obama meets Hiroshima survivors, calls for a ‘Moral Revolution’ for nuclear disarmament. Hiroshima survivors tell of that day on 6th August 1945. The USA Pentagon’s budget labyrinth for a planned $1 trillion splurge.

CHINA readies nuclear armed submarines for the Pacific.

JAPAN.   Japanese government to announce a shift away from nuclear power?  Low-level nuclear waste to be buried 70 meters underground. Tokyo Accused of Cooking Fukushima Radiation Data. Fukushima clean-up chief still hunting for 600 tonnes of melted radioactive fuel.

CANADA. Canada’s wildfires – surrounding a radioactive trash site. Canadian nuclear company SNC-Lavalin Named In Panama Papers.

GERMANY. German State close to Belgium prepares iodine tablets, in concern about neighbouring nuclear stations. LITHUANIA, and environmentalists not happy with Belarus’ nuclear power plan

SWEDEN   heads for 100% renewable energy

SOUTH AFRICAPolitical scandal hangs over South Africa’s nuclear energy plans. Nuclear programme could set south Africa back trillions of rand.

UK. Hinkley nuclear project’s future is in doubt – French unions not happy with Hinkley plan. UK designs for more beautiful nuclear reactors.

IRAN. UN Agency Reports Iran Has Complied With Nuclear Deal.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES setting a solar power trend in the Gulf.


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