Nuclear and climate news to 13 May


SOUTH AUSTRALIA The Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission South Australia announced its recommendations – no surprises, just as this spurious Commission had planned from the beginning – South Australia will get mega wealthy by importing the world’s radioactive trash. Submissions to the Commission show up 10 things wrong with its case.

The Turnbull government will back this nuclear waste dump import plan. Labor is silent. Of course it’s not an election issue!

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill wasted no time in getting the ball rolling for this nuclear waste dump dream. He’s started a process of participatory democracy, though he doesn’t seem to understand the terms that he is using. Anyway, the kickoff is a so-called Citizens’ Jury (should be 12 people, but he’s choosing 50, or even 350)

However, the Citizens’ Jury or the Deliberative Poll (for larger numbers) could be a really useful democratic process, if it’s properly done.

Judging by the notoriously one-sided Nuclear Royal Commission, I expect this process to be another complete charade, run for the benefit of the nuclear lobby.

South Australian government officials are talking “informally” about BHP’s Olympic Dam as the site for the imported nuclear waste dump. However, BHP in its submission to the Royal Commission clearly states that it doesn’t want to have any involvement in storage or disposal of nuclear waste.

FEDERAL WASTE DUMP Federal radioactive waste dump  siting is far from a sure thing, on an Aboriginal culturally and archaelogically significant area, and the certainty of resistance by indigenous and non indigenous people.

CLIMATE. NASA scientist and European Space Agency dismayed at CSIRO climate research cuts. Climate Change Authority report recommending ‘a mandatory carbon price’ held back until after election.


CLIMATE. Still possible to avert global climate change disaster – UN climate chief.  Canada’s wildfire horror – Climate Change is part of the cause.  Canadian wildfire approaches oil sands project. Koch brothers and power utilities connive to stop solar power. Exxon fighting to the death with its fraudulent claims about climate change.

Even the nuclear industry knows that it’s in a desperate fight for survival.

Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material strengthens nuclear security.


RUSSIA. Russia’s new more powerful nuclear missiles

UK. Britain failed to consult Europe over Hinkley nuclear safety dangers – UN.  UN Finds the UK in Violation of Transboundary Environmental Impact Convention for Hinkley Point Nuclear Power station;  Europe at Risk.  £21bn the likely cost of ever more expensive Hinkley Point nuclear power.

FRANCE. Nuclear corporation EDF’s Annual General Meeting faces more financial gloom.

JAPAN. 40-year-old Shikoku reactor to be sixth unit scrapped under stricter safety regimen.

ISRAEL. Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu – indicted yet again!

 CHINA      trebling its wind power capacity.


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