Australia’s submarine choice made in collusion with the sham Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission?

And here was I, thinking that I was paranoid, for imagining that the Federal government’s choice of a submarine provider had anything to do with South Australia’s shonky Nuclear Royal Commission.

Yes, I did wonder why, after Tony Abbott promising Japan that they would supply the subs at $40 billion, the govt chose a $50 billion deal. (I thought that Turnbull must have been happy to spend the extra $10 billion just to nark Abbott)

I did wonder why the Royal Commission spent several days in France, conferring with officials and nuclear corporation AREVA, the very days when AREVA went broke, and had to be taken over by the also nearly broke EDF.

I did wonder why they chose a nuclear-powered design (to be fuelled by diesel) when better and cheaper non nuclear designs were available from Germany and Japan.

But now we know. The whole deal was done in collusion with the masterminds of the spurious Royal Commission, and its plans for the eventual entire toxic nuclear fuel chain in Australia.


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