a-cat-CANIt has been a big week for climate news, with the New York signing, by a record 175 countries,  of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


CLIMATE. I’d love to say that Australia was  a big participant in the historic climate change meeting, and Agreement, in New York on 22 April. Sadly, not so. Yes, we signed up, but ratification, and any meaningful action – No!  Indeed, Australia was not invited to high level climate group in New York – a meeting for “high ambition” climate action nations, not “low ambition” ones.

IF that were not bad enough, Australia’s Attorney General George Brandis publicly stated his doubt about the science of climate change, as did another Coalition Senator, Deputy Nationals leader Fiona Nash. Indeed, Australia at New York was the ultimate climate action hypocrite.

Steaming hot world sets more temperature records, especially in Australia. The dying Great Barrier Reef – due to Australia’s carbon exports. Traditional Owners’ rejection of Carmichael coal mine stands, despite Adani bank rolling bogus “land use agreement”

NUCLEAR. Australia to sell uranium to Ukraine? – insensitive timing, economic and security folly.

NUCLEAR ROYAL COMMISSION. Just where does South Australia’s charismatic Senator Nick Xenophon stand on nuclear waste importing?

Responses to the Commission’s ‘Tentative Findings’ included this telling one from Dan Monceaux, writing about the health of uranium and nuclear workers, and about the secrecy surrounding this.

Meanwhile the nuclear lobby has revved up its propaganda, prior to the Commission’s announcement on May 6th, that South Australia should start a nuclear waste import industry.

However, the nuclear lobby’s determined campaign to show the Commission as solely a matter for South Australia has not worked internationally. America’s influential Nuclear Information and Resource Service is running a petition  Help stop A Global Mobile Chernobyl! supporting Australians’ opposition to the nuclear waste import plan.


CLIMATE. Future uninhabitable for Middle East, due to climate change? NASA will no longer mess with climate change denialists on Facebook.  Climate Change threatens the already leaking Marshall Islands radioactive dome

Cold war reviving, as USA, Russia, China build up newer, smaller, nuclear weapons.

Founder of Chernobyl Children International (CCI) Adi Roche to address UN.


EUROPE. NATO concerned at danger of ISIS nuclear attack on Britain or Europe

Uranium market continues its relentless downward plunge.  World’s Wind Energy Industry set to nearly double in next five years.

UK. £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear power station plan headed for a’grinding halt’?  EDF plan to help finance Hinkley nuclear project could be illegal.  Clean water for 10 million people, due to London’s new floating solar farm.

FRANCE. Nuclear corporation EDF’s minority shareholders want French govt to be forced to buy them outFrance committed to investing in Hinkley nuclear plant, even if it bankrupts EDF.

GERMANY. Solar city makes more 4 times more electricity than it consumes.


JAPAN. Growing concern over Sendai Nuclear Plant as earthquakes continue in the region. Japan Radioactive Rubble-Old Reactor Parts to be Sent to America and/or Britain?

RUSSIA   keenly promoting unaffordable nuclear power to Hungary, South Africa. Russian nuclear corporationRosatom to “educate” South Africans on benefits of nuclear power. Russia marketing nuclear power stations to Laos: Russia will build and operate them.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl’s nuclear nightmare – a timeline. Ukraine sticks with nuclear power, ignoring Chernobyl disaster. New book: Voices from Chernobyl, by Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich.

CHINA.  tests very long range ballistic missile with 10 nuclear warheads.

INDIA plans 1,250 MW Solar Power Projects Over Waterways

SAUDI ARABIA  may turn to solar power, as low oil prices hit finances.

IRAN. EU and Iran co-operating on nuclear safety.  America to buy nuclear material from Iran.


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