Senator Nick Xenophon sits on the fence regarding nuclear waste importing plan

Xenophon sitting on fence

Nuclear caution vital, Port Lincoln Times, 18 Apr 16   ROAD funding, nuclear waste and drilling in the Great Australian Bight are among the issues on the agenda for recently announced candidate for Grey, Andrea Broadfoot.

Ms Broadfoot was last week announced as the Nick Xenophon Team’s candidate for the seat of Grey and said she hoped to make the safe Liberal seat marginal to attract the resources the region needed.

“We’re very committed in the community about getting out and talking to people and finding out what their issues are.”

Speaking in Port Lincoln on Thursday, Senator Nick Xenophon said Ms Broadfoot would give current member for Grey, Liberal Rowan Ramsey, a “run for his money”…….

Ms Broadfoot said the potential for a nuclear waste storage facility at one of three sites in South Australia was another issue she was concerned about.

She said the region needed to look at the long term impact on the perception of the region rather than the short term monetary gains that may be made.

“We need to be really cautious and careful about the decisions we make,” Ms Broadfoot said……..

She said the community was divided on the issue, with even the former Liberal member for Grey Barry Wakelin publicly coming out and saying Kimba was not the place for nuclear waste.

Mr Xenophon said it did not make sense to have a nuclear waste storage facility in a premium agriculture region……


One Response to “Senator Nick Xenophon sits on the fence regarding nuclear waste importing plan”

  1. Bernard Matthews Hawker SA 5434. Says:

    The government is pulling wool over people’s eyes,with what towns will get money wise,to offer money to get your way is bribing,if I do it I’m ln jail,how come the government can offer millions to towns if they agree on something they want accepted,money talk will make most agree,plus I don’t trust ex senator Chapman as far as I could kick him,why do you think he bought the property,

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