15 April Climate and Nuclear News

a-cat-CANClimate news, and renewable energy news have been coming thick and fast, over the past week. By contrast, it might appear that nothing is happening on the nuclear scene. However, things are happening, while the nuclear lobby intensifies its propaganda, both in mainstream news, and with renewed emphasis on “social media”



Greens manage to put some brakes on South Australian govt’s pro nuclear promotion.  Business Council of Australia firmly in the grip of the nuclear lobby.

Michele Madigan remembers Bob Ellis and that other nuclear royal commission.  Aboriginal nuclear test survivors to join Japan’s Hibakusha in Nagasaki.

ERA’s uranium mining at Ranger ends: ERA can afford rehabilitation of site.

Australian nuclear shill Ben Heard under fire from Canadian nuclear shill Patrick Moore.

Wangan and Jagalingou people taking further legal action, against Adani coal mining leases.


Australia joins global climate action, in words, but not deeds. Since Liberal Coalition govt dumped carbon price, greenhouse emissions have soared.  Climate denialist Maurice Newman might split the Liberal Party?   As CSIRO slashes jobs, water science in South Australia a big loser.

Australian authorities covering up severity of Great Barrier Reef’s plight.  Minister Greg Hunt did not impress David Attenborough, with his uninformed comments about the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian oil and gas lobbies spent up big, to discredit science of climate change.

Carbon Disclosure Project lists Canberra as a global climate change leader.


AND ALSO.   Australia cuts aid to Africa, encourages Ugly Australian Mining Companies. Perth-based Mineral Commodities Limited (MRC) denies role in murder of South African activist.


CLIMATE. Paris climate negotiations ahead of schedule.  World powers worried at effects of climate change, drought, causing conflicts.  UN study of  cap at 1.5 degrees Celsius – it may not be feasible. Hillary Clinton unsuited to task of confronting climate change, too enmeshed in corporate thinking. New campaign ‘Two Degrees of Change’ urges female executives to demand action on climate change.  Rapid collapse of ice shelves in Antarctica.  Sea level rise has been underestimated – new ice studies suggest.  Warm, Southerly Winds Gust to Hurricane Force Over Greenland in Staggering Early Season Heatwave — Temperatures Now Hitting up to 41 Degrees (F) Above Average at Summit

Widespread support for Church of England’s stand against Exxon Mobil.  Religious groups urge US lawmakers to approve funding for Green Climate Fund (GCF).   Climate Change Threatening Mt Everest. Climate change affecting India: Severe Drought, Water Shortages  In Australia, and everywhere else, oil and gas lobbies pay shills to obstruct action on climate changeBig Oil spends up Big to thwart climate change action.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Global renewable energy boom, with Asia Pacific at the heart of it.

EDF in America going for wind power, abandoning nuclear. Wind power in America in a big way, and transmission grid development. Wind power – the big buy-up by big companies.  Jobs boom in USA States with wind power development.  India: Gujarat’s government increases solar energy incentives, with rooftop subsidy.


WORLD. Russian naval officer who saved the world from nuclear war.

Statistical analysis indicates that we can expect more severe nuclear accidents. Nuclear industry up to their old tricks, spruiking “new nuclear“.   $Billions being spent on research for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, that are unlikely to be viable.  Allison MacFarlane on nuclear safety.

JAPAN. Just 74 miles from Sendai nuclear station, strong earthquake hits Japan. Under the radar. Japan’s nuclear development pushed along by USA think tank, a nuclear front– Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).  Bribery allegations result in resignation of Japanese economy minister Akira Amari. The TPP was negotiated in secret, and now one of the chief negotiators is accused of taking bribes.

Fukushima – the irradiation of a nation. Fukushima’s evacuees have radiation-caused illnesses, but this is covered up in Japan. Braving danger and radiation for chance to earn 11,000 yen a day. Cheated every step of the way: a raw deal from subcontractors.  Radioactive wild boars rampaging around Fukushima nuclear site.

EUROPE.German nuclear centre a target for Paris terrorist?. According to German intelligence, terrorist Salah Abdeslam did not have German nuclear files.  In Europe, nuclear industry needs EUR 450 billion to survive. Luxembourg would pay France to shut down all too near nuclear power station. Dangerous state of aging nuclear reactors in Ukraine.


UK vulnerable to cyberattack if planned nuclear deal with China goes ahead.

IRAQ. Radiation effects of depleted uranium continue to bring disease and death in Iraq.


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