Will nuclear waste importing become an Australian election issue?

Australia nuclear toilet

Will nuclear waste be an election issue? Probably not.  Both Liberal and Labor prefer to keep nuclear topics off the agenda.
Australia’s subservient mainstream media toes the parties’ line.  They can talk about gay marriage until the cows come home. Which always puzzles me.  I strongly believe that gays and lesbians should be free to make the same choices that the straights have, however miserable it might turn out.  When a couple makes such a choice, it does not impact upon their neighbours, or on the rest of the Australian public.

But choices made that DO impact on others –  such as in threatening their health, safety and environment, these surely are the choices that should be discussed and explored fully by the media.

However, as the debacle of the pro nuclear South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission shows –   the issue of making Australia the toilet for the world’s radioactive trash, can go on for a year, virtually unnoticed by the mainstream Australian media.

Sue, it’s fine and necessary to discuss gay rights. But it’s imperative to get this radioactive waste issue – of importance to us all, and to our grandchildren – out in the open. What’s the matter with Australian media and politicians –  are nuclear issues just too bad taste to


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