Australia – be alarmed! You now have a real dill as deputy Prime Minister

Joyce, Barnaby

When you look at what’s going on in politics in USA – it becomes clear that profound ignorance is no barrier for a man to become a presidential candidate.

But that’s America. Surely in Australia, things are a bit more intelligent?   But no. We’ve suffered the international embarrassment of Tony Abbott as PM – with his simplistic three word slogans and quasi religious beliefs on climate etc.

That was bad enough. We breathe a little, now having Malcolm Turnbull, who has the facility for making progressive statements, while sticking to the antediluvian policies of the Liberal Coalition.

But what happens if Malcolm gets knocked over by a bus?

Mon dieu!  We now have Barnaby Joyce as Deputy Prime Minister. Internationally and nationally, if Joyce ever gets his hands on the tiller –   it won’t just be funny. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


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