This week’s nuclear news


As I write, members of  nuclear-free groups from across Australia are meeting for 2 days to explore today’s nuclear issues, in particular, about the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission, what it means, and how to respond to it.  I’m very disappointed not to be there, because of ill-health, but I look forward to their report, and to plans for preventing this toxic import of nuclear waste, intended by the Commission.

Economist Richard Blandy has analysed the costs and benefits of the Royal Commission’s plan, finding that the so-called “bonanza” for South Australia would begin only after 30 years time, and $27 billion in construction costs of the waste facility. It should then add a relatively modest sector to the economy for 30 years, but be followed by costs and risks that would last for many thousands of years.

Michele Madigan points out the national dangers of transporting nuclear wastes.

Problems with ARPANSA: a not so independent radiation regulator

Suggestion to place Royal Commission nuclear waste imports under South Australia’s Parliament House. If only….

Federal govt search for a place to finally dump Lucas Heights nuclear wastes:

Australian govt lies about medicine and nuclear waste.

CLIMATE  Australia breaches Paris climate agreement, damages economy, by cutting CSIRO climate modelling.


New UN Talks on Nuclear Weapons Start. United Nations works toward legalisation of absolute nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear power being beaten globally by wind energy.


Nuclear weapons kept on Okinawa, by USA.

Japan’s nuclear reactor restarts anger Minami Soma mayor.

Takahama Nuclear reactor leaking radioactive water.



UK. The collapse of UK’s planned nuclear power programme ?

INDIA. USA govt’s position: its nuclear companies should be exempt from civil or criminal liability.

CANADA. Fukushima Cesium 137 found in 7 fish near Canada’s West Coast, but not in salmon.

GERMANY struggles with nuclear waste storage problem. Nuclear industry AND tax-payer funds both may be needed to cover nuclear shutdown costs. Germany’s “big four” utilities liable for nearly 40 billion euros for nuclear waste storage.

CHINA ramping up its nuclear industry, with plans for exporting reactors. Russia is offering bribes for Egypt to buy its nuclear reactors.

SOUTH KOREA    rejects calls for nuclear armament.

SOUTH AFRICA. Trouble brewing  over nuclear energy programme. Economist warns that nuclear deal will downgrade South Africa’s economy to junk.

Saudi Arabia political analyst says that the kingdom has a nuclear bomb.

Huge savings in planned solar energy project for Marshall Islands.

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