Surprise surprise! Kevin Scarce’s expensive #NuclearCommissionSAust gets the result it always intended

Scarce wastes money

On February 15  the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission announced its “tentative a-cat-CANfindings”

And guess what – Surprise Surprise!

After many months of such IMPORTANT pro nuclear persons getting paid large amounts of money to trip around the world, getting expert advice from the likes of France’s near bankrupt AREVA, and the crooked Canadian  nuclear hierarchy  –   they came out with the conclusion that they had already decided upon at the beginning:


The subservient media and corporate controlled governments of the rest of Australia have just shut up about this for nearly a whole year, in the pretense that “It’s only a South Australian matter”. They left it to the likes of the nuclear lobby’s puppet “The Adelaide Advertiser” to give information on this purely State matter.
text-cat-questionIs it just a State matter? Or is Australia as a whole interested in the Scarce plan for this nation to become the only place in the world to invite in the global nuclear industry’s radioactive poo?

And the only nation foolish enough to think that this will make us prosperous!


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