#NuclearCommissionSAust Forget renewables: AUSTRALIAN NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION wants reactors on Spencer Gulf

Map Spencer Gulf

THE AUSTRALIAN NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION (ANA) put in a submission to #NuclearCommissionSAust devoted only to promoting NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY GENERATION. Of course, they made no attempt to consider renewable energy generation, let alone compare the costs. Heaven forfend, as that would have blown their argument right out of the water!

Anyway, they selected recommending Upper Spencer Gulf Area as the site for South Australia to get nuclear  reactors:

“The sites are · Site 1 – Fleurieu Peninsula · Site 2 – Upper Spencer Gulf Crag Point · Site 3 – Kadina site, Spencer’s Gulf east coast”

ANA went to great lengths comparing the different types of nuclear reactors – large, small and medium reactor types.

They were hesitant about  Generation IV   (new nukes) stating that emerging technologies would be available too late to be effective against global warming.

As for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, ANA sees hurdles, and is not enthusiastic:

“their deployment is highly dependent on: 1. An order book which matches factory scale manufacture to ensure their economic competitiveness 2. A new regulatory regime which enables operations and security personnel to be deployed in reduced numbers to match the scale of power output”

So, ANA wants to put existing types of nuclear reactors on Spencer Gulf coast:

“the Westinghouse AP1000, the Russian VVER1000 and the Enhanced Candu 6”

Their conclusion?

“nuclear power is a realistic option to connect the grid in SA provided the interconnector to Victoria is upgraded.”   (Nary a word about how there’s have to be a nuclear waste dump site set up first. )


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