2016 First weekly nuclear news report: Australia


Well, there isn’t much, it would seem.  And yet, and yet. I gaze into my magical witches globe, and what do I see?  Why , it is Kevin Scarce, and the entire Australian nuclear lobby, feverishly spinning a web of confusion for the report, (due on 15th February) of the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

What they want, is want they wanted before the charade even started – Australia to decide to be the first country in the world to announce itself as the world’s nuclear toilet. But, more than that, it’s the underlying imperative to set up the entire nuclear fuel chain in this country. South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill no doubt thinks that this will save his political skin.  We await what will be a tome, or should I say tomb? of doublespeak.

On February 15, Dr Helen Caldicott will be speaking in Adelaide on this issue, (prior to setting off for St Louis County, USA, where there continues to be a nuclear waste pollution and fire threat drama)

Also, bubbling along quietly, residents  strengthen their opposition to proposal for Lucas Heights nuclear waste dumping in their area.  Meanwhile, solar and wind energy initiatives are happening.

I will continue to examine the Submissions to the Nuclear Royal Commission, with extracts on my website http://antinuclear.net/.  Particular emphasis on the pro nuclear ones.


To the delight of the nuclear weapons corporations, things are getting all too tense on the international nuclear politics scene. USA and South Korea discuss a simulated pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea. The two Koreas ramp up the tensions. North Korea claims to have a hydrogen bomb.   Nuclear corporations in America not only sell bombs, they influence government policy.   Iraq war is a bonanza for US weapons salesmen.

Hope for nuclear disarmament – the Marshall Islands legal case.

Cyber attack: Nuclear Threat Initiative finds 20 countries vulnerable.

FRANCE: Electricite de France (EDF) at new low with crippling financial problems

USA. Smaller nuclear weapons make greater risk of nuclear weapons use. Nuclear weapons now more likely to be used, with Pentagon’s new B61-12 bomb.  USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission finds itself at risk of being cyber-hacked. Against all reason, Republican hawks still trying to sabotage Iran nuclear agreement.  Massive gas blowout in Los Angeles now releasing radioactive material.   Wisconsin might have to get nuclear waste dump if moratorium is lifted on new reactors. Wisconsin Assembly approves lifting nuclear moratorium.

UK. Leadership Crisis in Britain’s nuclear safety regulator. Jeremy Corbyn – inconveniently sensible on nuclear weapons. Birth defects in families of Britain’s nuclear test veterans: the fight for justice.

CANADA. Canada’s UN ambassador to spearhead Anti-nuclear weapon effort.

JAPAN.  Food Contamination:  Political Interests Take Precedence Over People Interests.  Japanese Govt. To Reuse Fukushima Contaminated SoilToday’s Fukushima Nuclear Evacuees – their situation.

RUSSIA  punishes environmental groups as “foreign agents”.

CHINA. Hong Kong: lack of confidence in China’s nuclear safety system.

TAIWAN nuclear phaseout tipped as result of coming election


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