White Australians must not leave the anti nuclear fight to the blacks


How I would like to present a positive message of Australia’s prospects for a becoming  a climate action country, and a nuclear-free country!

With some reservations, I believe that this is the desire of most Australians.

Some of our media is doing good work, in explaining the impacts of global warming on Australia, and our duty to be global citizens, and care about our Pacific neighbours, and climate refugees, and all refugees.

When it comes to the nuclear issue, the media is all too subservient to the nuclear lobby. My awful realisation is that the mainstream media, including the ABC, is not merely subservient to the nuclear industry, but abysmally ignorant about nuclear issues.

The disgraceful push by the cashed-up nuclear lobby is now on at COP21 – to portray nuclear as “clean” and the solution to climate change. In tandem with that, the lobby promises a renaissance for nuclear – because – guess what? –  AUSTRALIA will provide the solution to everybody’s radioactive trash. It will of course, go on Aboriginal land.

We cannot expect Aboriginal people to be the sole heroes of resistance – particularly as they will be offered bribes – to have the health education and other services that the rest of us get anyway – in exchange for hosting  an international  nuclear waste importing industry .


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