A well-kept secret: how much is #NuclearCommissionSAust costing the South Australian tax-payer?


How much has the South Australian tax-payer already spent on the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission?  The public should be informed –  how much are they paying Kevin Scarce and his overwhelmingly pro nuclear merry men for all their ‘hearings’ and ‘information sessions’ and junkets to rural Australa, and to Japan, France, Canada, South Korea etc?

Blind Freddy could tell that the purpose is now, and always has been , to set up an international nuclear waste importing business – aimed at enriching a very few South Australians – and bugger the costs to the State’s children their children their chilred and beyond.

A whole heap of blah has gone on about nuclear power stations – which, everybody knows, is not an option, due to their astronomic expense.  Then Kevin Scarce presumably will look good when he rules that one out, and just goes for the waste dump.

Anyway, it’s about time we all knew how much this whole sorry farce is costing.

ABC News reported thuis week that an extra $3 million will be pumped into the Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission


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