This week: climate and nuclear news


CLIMATE CHANGE. Australia ranked way down the bottom for climate change action.   Julie Bishop won ‘fossil of the day’ award for her coal-praising  speech at Paris climate talks. Australia is at this stage refusing to join the  ‘high ambition coalition’  of 100 nations wanting to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C, to save our Pacific neighbours.  Important contribution of Australia’s indigenous people at Paris Climate Summit.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSION quietly pressing on, with public hearings in Adelaide dominated by nuclear proponents. Commission blocks lessons learned from Maralinga.

Royal Commission chief Kevin Scarce has been making ?soothing comments about nuclear industry for Australia being a long term project, and understanding opposition to it “ “I think (the fear) is probably a mixture of seeing the impact of accidents and perhaps not understanding the technology,”  (the good old argument – don’t worry – the technical experts know best) . At the same time, Scarce is clearly moving on to the next phase –  that of getting Australia’s environmental legislation overturned.

While Scarce clearly has his sights on this  National issue, and is discussing this with Australia’s pro nuclear Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, the propaganda spin goes on very quietly at the rural State level only, with “community information” sessions at Port Pirie Yacht club (3/12), at Port Lincoln and Whyalla this week.

The South Australian government has just granted an addition $3 million to the Royal Commission. Additional to how much already, we wonder? A super expensive exercise – submissions, months of hearings, and junkets around S Australia, and to Japan, France, South Korea, Canada etc for the predominantly pro nuclear Commission members.

Meanwhile a poll,finds that 72% of Australians oppose this nation becoming the world’s radioactive trash dump.

NUCLEAR WASTE  Even Right wing Senators Madigan and Bill Heffernan angry about unsafety of nuclear waste shipbringing back reprocessed Lucas Heights spent nuclear fuel rods.   Elaborate secret operation transports deadly nuclear wastes through Sydney.  Search goes for national site for Lucas Heights nuclear reactor wastes though they pretend that it is for “medical” wastes. Local communities are not fooled, for example, as expressed at a meeting at Hill End (NSW).

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore in Paris: upbeat about city’s climate change action. Increasing popularity of community solar energy projects in Australia. Govt talks big on renewables ‘innovation’, but will close Australian Renewable Energy Agency. Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) funds CSIRO’s solar energy initiative.


PARIS CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT to miss Friday deadline. Climate deal due Saturday after more all-night talks.Some optimism . Many articles on climate change. Cities the key to action. Paris COP21 anti-nuclear activists arrested after daring climb on Arche de la Defense. Climate refugees will be needing help, whether or not COP21 talks produce a result.

Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Breakthrough Institute etc – more like snake oil salesmen for nuclear. Breakthrough Energy Coalition and Mission Innovation – all for pie in the sky new nuclear,  carbon capture, nuclear fusion etc. Seven top billionaires in Breakthrough Energy Coalition are big investors in the nuclear industry, and most members are nuclear enthusiasts. However, the good news so far is that nuclear is not even mentioned in the drafts of the climate agreement presented over the last several days. Organisers at COP21 dismiss nuclear, in favour of faster, cleaner, cheaper, renewable technologies.

NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT. 166 nations vote to abolish nuclear weapons, but not Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States.

NUCLEAR FUSION. At least 50 years before nuclear fusion power might become a reality

UK. Britain’s nuclear power programme a cash cow for overseas companies. Toshiba having problems getting money to build UK nuclear power project. Floods in West Cumbria threaten nuclear installations.

USA Dr Ken Buesseler reports cesium-134 from Fukushima in ocean waters off North America shores. Nuclear Free US Presidential Candidates Sanders and Comley. 10 Control Rods accidentally dropped into nuclear reactor core – Indian Point. The nuclear industry’s plight – the COSTS OF RADIOACTIVE TRASH DISPOSAL.  Still secret: where are the radioactive hot spots near Coldwater Creek, St Louis County?.

JAPAN. Time to Stop Nursing the Nuclear Power Industry. Japan’s nuclear regulatory body investigating spent nuclear fuel containersMonju fast breeder reactor – a failure that’s damaging France’s and Japan’s nuclear industry.

CHINA China’s awful safety record does not augur well for its planned nuclear project. China’s nuclear programme isfraught with problems.

INDIA. India’s Bhopal gas victims call on PM Modi to shun nuclear power industry.

VIETNAM  postpones construction of Russian -funded nuclear plant.

RUSSIA trying to sell to Egypt nuclear reactors with 80 year operation. Putin ‘didn’t rule out’ using nuclear weapons in Syria.


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