Nuclear/Climate News This Week

a-cat-CANThe global nuclear lobby is blitzing Paris, and the world, with propaganda, as the nuclear industry makes  a concerted effort to hijack the Climate Summit.


As this email flies through cyberspace, some community groups and unions prepare to protest at Port Kembla, NSW, on the arrival of radioactive trash on its return trip to Lucas Heights. However, the dock workers union, the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) , will unload the wastes, without incident, as they recognise Australia’s obligation to take back the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor wastes reprocessed in France. The MUA makes it clear that they will not co-operate in the event of other nuclear wastes that might be imported separately as part of an  international nuclear waste industry as proposed by the South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission.

In tandem with the global nuclear PR, one of Australia’s most long term and most hypocritical nuclear pushers delivered a volley of support for importing nuclear wastes, and a volley of attack on anti-nuclear critics. Gareth Evans, enjoying world-wide prestige for his involvement in Nuclear Disarmament, has always promoted “peaceful” nuclear power. At the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission he rejoiced at the plan to import nuclear wastes – Australia would “stand very tall in the international community”. He dismissed safety concerns as “emotional” – THE AUSTRALIAN DECEMBER 3, 2015

Nuclear no good as climate change action: evidence at South Australia’s Royal Commission.

Dr Margaret Beavis of Medical Association for Prevention of War explained that a national waste dump is NOT NEEDED for medical nuclear wastes.

Yet another delay in radioactive cleanup of Sydney’s Hunter’s Hill.

COP21   Malcolm Turnbull in Paris: the dinosaurs are still in charge of climate policy. Australian govt’s contributionto UN Climate Summit – pro coal video “Coal is Amazing”! United Nations calls on Australia to produce a consistent climate policy, not ‘mixed messages’.  Greens expose the Australian govt’s ‘paltry’ contribution on climate change.  Australia refuses to sign Paris communique on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies . No new money for Pacific Islands climate help: Australian govt just taking it from foreign aid.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australian govt still will axe Australian Renewable Energy Agency despite ARENA’s big new project. City of Melbourne leads new renewable energy project.


COP21 Bill Gates leads nuclear industry’s publicity drive at COP21.  I smell a Breakthrough Energy Coalition nuclear rat at COP21.  Gates’ nuclear dream doesn’t stand up to critical analysis.  What is needed is renewable energy DEPLOYMENT, not just research. The global nuclear industry is clearly getting the jitters.

Paris Climate Conference ‘At the Limits of Suicide,’ Commitments Nowhere Near Enough to Miss 2 C. Complaint Filed Against French State Utility EDF-Climate Conference Sponsor for False Advertising. Republic of Marshall Islandsseeks refuge in USA for its climate (and nuclear) victims.

 Global warming is increasing wildfires (and increasing the danger from nuclear facilities). $3.4 Trillion Fossil Fuel Divestment Globally.

A warning to COP21 on dubious safety of China’s nuclear gamble.

UK Government’s Nuclear Plans – Will they work?   Britons fear Donald Trump might use NATO nuclear weapons, if he becomes President.


JAPN. Troubling indications of recurring nuclear criticality at Fukushima Daiichi. Despite bribes offered, 47 Prefectures not keen to host Japan’s 166,000 tons of nuclear waste. ‘NO to nuclear waste dumping’ say 13 Japanese Prefectures.

CANADA Ontario’s Energy Minister announces yet another sweetheart nuclear deal.

GERMANY  expecting nuclear utilities to pay the costs of decommissioning and disposal of radioactive trash.   Germanutility RWE splits, in order to deal with costs of nuclear station closures.

BELGIUM   extending life of nuclear reactors – meets with criticism on this, as nuclear no solution to climate change.

FRANCE sets up Europe’s biggest solar farm: it’s cheaper than nuclear power station. France to spend billions onAfrican renewable energy projects.


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