I wish the Australian media would stop the lies about “medical” need for nuclear waste dump


Australia’s mainstream media keep on repeating the same old lie about the “national nuclear waste dump being all about medical wastes.

It’s not. It’s about the highly radioactive wastes now being returned from France to the Lucas Heights nuclear site in Sydney. By contracts made long ago, Australia is obligated to take back spent nuclear spent fuel rods that were sent to France, UK and Argentina for processing. And this will continue to happen, as long as the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor is kept going.

Production of medical radioisotopes is not the major function of the reactor. And these medical isotopes are now being made much more safely in non nuclear cyclotrons – without all those problems of safety, of being a terrorism target, and of radioactive trash, and its dangerous transport.

Hospital medical wastes are overwhelmingly of short-lived radioactivity, and therefore well suited to disposal near the site of use. No need to cart them all the way to South Australia. That’s just an nexcuse fofr the real aim – the storage of lucas heights  highly radioactive trash returning from oversea


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