The week in nuclear news


Last week, it was all about the nuclear waste returning from France. This week,  a very successful nuclear lobby lie has taken over. All of the mainstream media, even the ABC who should know better, are pitching the search for  a dump site as necessary for “medical” wastes – a lie that needs exposing.

Kimba – Wow – do we ever need good old Kimba the White Lion to check out this spin!    Officials from Kimba , South Australia,  shown around Lucas Heights nuclear reactor, to admire the “solely medical” purposes of the reactor – and presumably therefore to later on welcome in the very toxic radioactive trash returning from France, UK and Argentina.  Farmers at Kimba are less enthralled.

It’s a charade really. Blind Freddy could tell that the govt-cum-nuclear-lobby has already earmarked South Australia. The logic runs like this.  South Australia’s already polluted: it’s the place to start. But we will start on “whiteys’ land, to avoid Aboriginal fuss. (For THE OTHER, later plan –  We’ve already fairly well radioactively stuffed up the Maralinga area.  Pity about the Aborigines – but we can bribe them into agreeing to completely radioactively stuff it up.)

Meanwhile a few other sites are pitched – from 28 voluntarily nominated sites around Australia – Sallys Flat in NSW, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia and Oman Ama in Queensland. Australian govt to pay 4 times land value for nuclear dump site, plus #10 million to local community. Communities object – Queensland, including the govt there, New South Wales,  Northern Territory.

Indigenous Adnyamathanha Camp Law Mob shocked at selection of South Australian site for radioactive trash dump.

Australian Conservation Foundation wants wide-ranging public review into Australia’s nuclear materials.

SAFETY ISSUES : Indonesia will close their waters to ship carrying radioactive trash to Australia.  Danger in transporting radioactive trash.
South Australia bushfires: crazy to suggest nuclear waste dump there!

POLITICS Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull happy to have this nation be the world’s nuclear waste dump.  Turnbull assures India they can now buy uranium from Australia.  South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill to Paris climate conference – to preach “nuclear as climate solution”?

Adelaide branch of University College London (UCL) to close,  and good riddance to this nuclear industry academic front group!



SAFETY ISSUES. Despite airplane bombing , and Egypt’s lax security, Russia to provide nuclear reactors to Egypt!  Indonesia will block its waters to nuclear waste ship travelling to Australia.  Japan ramps up its evacuation rules for nuclear ship accidents.

NUCLEAR LOBBY CLIMATE SPIN “The Third Way” – front group for new nuclear spinning hard for Paris Climate Conference. “NuclearMatters” lobby group revs up its spin ahead of Paris climate conference. Nuclear lobby predominates at Wisconsin public hearing.

US NRC Proposes 100% Cancer Rate; Ignores Taxpayer Funded BEIR Report; Ignores ICRP; Ignores New Study of US, UK and French Nuclear Workers.   17 year delay before USA govt even starts cleanup of Hanford radioactive waste.

EUROPE/UK Legal challenge to UK’s Hinkley nuclear plan is joined by Luxembourg.  European regulators start legal action against Hungary’s Paks nuclear power project.

Europe’s nuclear companies face multi $billion burden in disposing of dead nuclear reactors.

UK’s Hunterston nuclear reactor has cracks in bricks at core.

AFRICA. Report from Nuclearisation of Africa Symposium highlights harmful effects of uranium mining.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Investment Bank Lazar  finds wind and solar beat coal and nuclear on costs.


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