Australian hunt for waste dump site is NOT about medicine, it’s about Lucas Heights nuclear reactor trash returning

It’s NOT about medical wastes.
The reality is that Australia is bound to take back Lucas Heights nuclear wastes that have been processed in France, UK and Argentina.
The French deadline is near – I think it’s 2016.
All this crap about medical wastes. Most medical radioisotopes have very short half-lives.
Most of them used for diagnosis only, not treatment.
There’s an argument for using less.
Medical radioisotopes can be made without nuclear reactor, as is now being done in Canada. Expensive ?
yes. But not in the long run.
Obvious solution. Shut Lucas Heights reactor. Get non-reactor radioisotopes.
The pretense is that the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor is all about helping medicine.  It’s not. It’s all about keeping  afoot in Australia’s door for the global nuclear lobby.

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