Nuclear and Climate News 13 November


Latest news is all about Lucas Heights nuclear wastes soon to arrive back from France. Many Australians do not realise that this is an exception to Australian law that makes it illegal to import nuclear waste.  France took it to process, on condition that the resultant radioactive trash returns to Australia.


Nuclear fuel leasingnot economically viable for Australia.

University College London in Adelaidis key player/driver in South Australia nuclear push. Australia’s demonstrated incompetence on dealing with radioactive trash.

Uranium to India: Australian govt: slap in the face for its own Standing Committee, on uranium sales to India.

CLIMATE CHANGEMalcolm Turnbull all tied up over Climate Change and Paris Conference. Australia’s obligations toPacific climate migrants. Australia’s ’empty promises’ on phasing out fossil fuel subsidies.  Pope’s climate cardinal to visit Australia.


CLIMATE CHANGE. Obama Administration enables nuclear industry to pitch itself as climate change solution Nuclear lobby hoping to be part of Paris Climate Talks.  Christiana Figueres: a climate action force to be reckoned with.

TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP Big Corporations need not worry about Climate Agreements: the Trans Pacific Partnership  will fix that for them! Nov 16 – 18 Mass Mobilization To Stop The TPP.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Oh goody! America has a more ‘usable’ bomb in Europe! Russia leaks ‘Secret’ Plans For Nuclear Weapons.   USA trying to persuade Pakistan to constrain its nuclear weapons program.  $493 billion invested in nuclear weapons by banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Narrowly avoided accidental nuclear apocalypse in 1983 revealed.  Jeremy Corbyn has got it right about Trident nuclear missiles.

RUSSIA. Russia’s militarisation of the Arctic, and the danger of its mini nuclear reactors.

JAPAN. Radiation effects from Fukushima have been chronically underestimated.

INDIA. It seems that nobody will be liable for a nuclear disaster in India! India shuts down nuclear criticGreenpeace.

USAUS EPA Supports No Safe Dose of Radiation; Objects to NRC Proposal of 100 mSv per Year: Comment Deadline 19 Nov. 11.59 PM. Cover-up of radiation hazard at children’s holiday camp in Southern California. Not much real help to nuclear lobby from White House. USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission considering 80 year licenses for nuclear reactors!. Legal case over St Louis radioactive trash – 2700 cancer cases from nuclear radiation?

UK. Miscarriages and Congenital Conditions in Offspring of Veterans of the British Nuclear Atmospheric Test Programme.  Chromosome Translocations in Nuclear Test Veterans. What is going to happen to Dana Durnsford, The nuclear proctologist?

PRISM (Power Reactor Innovative Small Module) and MOX much touted, but nuclear waste burial is best.

CANADA Canadians near nuclear power stations given iodine pills.

FINLAND‘s underground nuclear waste storage plan approved.


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