Australia’s #nuclear lobby pushing for inclusion in Paris Climate talks


Australians are being conned by the global nuclear lobby and a few of its sycophants in Australia.  The shonky South Australia Nuclear Fuel Chain Commission is part of the current push to get nuclear accepted as clean and as fixing climate change.  It’s  a push that’s aimed at  the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11 – Paris  November 30 to December 11.

The last thing that Australia needs is
the nuclear industry, as with climate change it faces increasing heat waves and floods .

Nuclear facilities are so dangerously vulnerable to weather extremes – with potentially catastrophic effects on them.

But also, it’s because time, energy, money going to nuclear activities means that time, energy and money are not going to what is really needed –  energy efficiency and renewable energy.



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