Australian govt to back nuclear lobby at UN Paris Climate Conference?


The Australian government and the subservient mainstream media have just kept mum for many months about South Australia and its rather disgusting Nuclear Fuel Chain  Royal Commission.

Now, suddenly, it’s all the rage with the Prime Minister,Liberal politicians, (and under
the cover – Labor, too) , and the new Chief Scientist Alan Finkel (who’s not even  a scientist anyway), and the media.

At the same time the government is trying to become co chair of the International Green Climate Fund.

There is  a connection.  At the December UN climate talks, the very powerful and well funded nuclear lobby wants to get nuclear power classed as a ‘low emission’ industry – qualifying for financial incentives and tax breaks.

Our government has been bought. Malcolm Turnbull or Julie Bishop will front up at the Paris Climate
Conference, assisting the nuclear industry to push its barrow. They might even be able to hold out the hope that saintly Australia will charitably take in the world’s radioactive trash  – in the interests of resuscitating the nuclear industry (especially USA’s) by solving the industry’s trash problem.

If only the rest of the world would praise Australia’s ‘green credentials’!

They couldn’t do that while we had the  apparently half-witted Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.  Now we have  a much smarter PM Turnbull –  who is doing exactly the same things, but expressing it all more subtly.


3 Responses to “Australian govt to back nuclear lobby at UN Paris Climate Conference?”

  1. Anne Says:

    ty Christina, very disturbing article. I sincerely hope you are wrong. But i doubt it.:(

  2. Christina MacPherson Says:

    Reblogged this on nuclear-news.

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