What’s happening in Australia? Climate and Nuclear News


Turnbull tightrope


It would be funny if it were not so desperately serious. Today’s Age (print version, business section) tells us that the big corporate winner from the El Nino heat wave will be Coca Cola – yes, a double whammy as kids will get rotten teeth and diabetes, as well as heat exhaustion.

I could feel guilty that I bang on about nuclear, when climate change is the massive planetary threat. But if we let the nuclear lobby  get away with its lies, true climate action (renewables + energy efficiency) will be stymied – along with the increased danger from every phase of the nuclear fuel chain.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSION Dr Caldicott was aggressively interrogated by Mr Jacobi  – a veritable inquisition!. Dr Gordon Edwards explained  the Conflict of interest in nuclear authorities

FEDERAL POLITICS: NUCLEAR  PM Turnbull appoints a nuclear energy enthusiast as Chief Scientist. Malcolm Turnbull favours importing radioactive trash to Australia. Malcolm Turnbull not keen on nuclear power, but keen on nuclear waste import. Australia’s govt and Opposition swing towards the nuclear industry. Labor Leader Bill Shortensays he opposes nuclear industry mainly because it is ‘not viable’.

Josh Frydenberg, Australia’s Minister For Nuclear soon to release shortlist for waste dump site. – these wastes returning to Lucas Heights  – not to be confused with the South Australian plan to import everybody’s radioactive trash.Time that Australia took a responsible attitude to radioactive trash management at Lucas Heights.


Poll shows Australians overwhelmingly reject coal and nuclear- solar is tops.

Camp Concern: protestors recall and reactivate anti nuclear campaign in Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Tourism industry at Maralinga – but how safe is Maralinga nuclear bomb site?

FEDERAL POLITICS: CLIMATETurnbull on a tricky tightrope. Fijian PM slams Turnbull for giving in to climate denialists. Turnbull tangled in knots over climate change and coal policy. PM Turnbull’s deceptive answers on coal and climate change – Senator Larissa Waters. Barrier Reef to become a fossil fuel highway .Prince Charles to Australia tospeak on climate changeTurnbull will attend Paris UN climate conference.

Seed – Indigenous Youth Declaration for Climate Justice. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders‘ legal action against coal port at Abbot Point.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  100% renewable energy electricity company launched in South Australia. Opportunity for Port Augusta to be repowered with solar thermal energy. Queensland’s huge wind solar plant goes ahead.



Is nuclear fusion a goer? Not really

Down, down, down goes the price of uranium.


Bikini Islanders – first expelled by nuclear tests. now by climate change, want to migrate to USA.

UK.  Significant Hurdles Remain for Franco-Chinese Nuclear Reactors in Britain

CHINA far from being nuclear industry hope, could be its nightmare.

JAPAN. No foreseeable end to Fukushima’s daily dumping of radioactive waste to Pacific Ocean. Japan keen to sell nuclear reactors to Kazakhstan. Japanese Prefecture Kyoto moves to replace nuclear with gas and renewables, in pact with Alaska.

RUSSIA. Bellona joins other anti nuclear non profit groups – no longer NGO, harassed by Russian govt.

BRAZIL. Corruption and mismanagement stall Brazil’s nuclear programme.

SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa’s Flawed Environmental Assessments for New Nuclear Build.

GERMANY.Germany’s Renewable Energy Generated Almost Double The Amount From Nuclear.

UAE. United Arab Emirates called upon to lead in regional nuclear disarmament.

INDONESIA. This Could Be the Worst Climate Crisis in the World Right Now


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