The past week in nuclear news

a-cat-CANI’m sorry that this is so long. I have already filtered out heaps of news items.

This week it’s difficult because (a) I decided to focus on low level radiation and health, and (b) coincidentally some very telling news on that subject has appeared this week. For example:

Nuclear Worker Study Affirms that Low Doses of Radiation are Deadly: Increased Cancer Risk Much Worse Than Previously Believed.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSIONAboriginal women will fight on against nuclear waste dumping in South Australia. Nuclear lobby plans to further override South Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Act. Nuclear Royal Commission plans for radioactive trash dumping on Aboriginal land: a confusing issue

Radioactive trash returning to Australia. Transport of nuclear waste is dangerous: Lucas Heights reactor should be closed

Australian Conservation Foundation debunks argument for Mount Isa radioactive trash dump bid.

Energy Resources of Australia abandons plan to expand Ranger uranium mine.

Political: Oblivion for climate villains Abbott and Harper. Australian government withdraws funding offer to Bjorn Lomborg’s anti climate action centre. Environment Minister Greg Hunt full of praise for Clean Energy Finance Corporation, but  Malcolm Turnbull won’t back Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

RENEWABLE ENERGY Australia’s chance to become a renewable energy superpower. Queensland’s revolutionary solar energy systems – on carparks and other commercial buildings.  Kerang, Victoria, gets economic boost fromLalbert solar farm.  Wind farms seek contracts in Australian Capital Territory. With solar power, rooftop panels have exceeded grid parity. Western Australia’s Wave powered Desalination Plant Now Operational.

CLIMATE CHANGE & COAL Australia’s military not up to date on climate change threats.   3 compelling reasons why Adani’s Mega Coal Mine Is Still In Trouble. Deloitte Access Economics warning after Turnbull government approves Adani mine. Carmichael coal mine conditions are not ‘strict’. Traditional owners reject  a Land Use Agreement with Adani for the Carmichael mine on our traditional lands. Conservationists consider a new appeal against Adani coal mine

INDIGENOUS NEWS 5 million hectares of Northern Territory land joins Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Indigenous owners will manage huge new protected area in New South Wales.


Vatican insists that United Nations must work for nuclear disarmament.

CLIMATE CHANGE “Too Furious For Human Intervention” — Climate Feedbacks Spur Out of Control Wildfires From Indonesia to Brazil.  Rich countries put planet on course for irreversible climate change.  Climate change is going to cost even more than was predicted.  Exxon’s campaign to spread doubt on the science of climate change. Political oblivion for ‘climate villains’ – Canada’s PM Harper, Australia’s PM Abbott.

JAPAN Many radiation related cancers to come, as Japan confirms Fukushima worker’s radiation caused cancer.Thyroid Cancer in Fukushima Children: 2011 to 2014.   Fukushima insect study shows there is no safe low level of ionising radiation.


UK. Sell EDF shares, because of Hinkley nuclear costs – says leading broker. Sheer folly of UK government’s super costly nuclear deal with China, while cutting renewable energy. UK nuclear deal is a golden handout to China.  Solar and storage could supply as much electricity to UK, as nuclear, at half the subsidy cost. Britain’s cost for new nuclear could buy 6 times the amount of wind energy.

CANADA Will Canada now oppose depleted uranium weapons? The legal tangle of corruption and CANDU nuclear company SNC Lavalin.

Pakistan refuses to limit tactical nuclear weapons.

Israel. Iran nuclear deal endorsed by Israel’s Nuclear Advisory Panel.

Russia Dissolves Non-Profit Groups Working for Transparency on Nuclear and Environmental Issues.

Spain. 50 years later, USA will clean up site of nuclear bombs’ crash in Spain.


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