This week’s nuclear and climate news

a-cat-CANThe deck chairs at the Titanic Paris Climate Talks in December include a chair for EDF the giant French nuclear company, which is a sponsor of the conference.  Meanwhile in UK, the Thorium Nuclear lobby has got itself charity status.  The global nuclear lobby is working hard to win the world to its new, though yet non-existent, technologies. It is using 3 main lies:

LIE 1  “new nuclear solves the wastes problem”. For September and have focused on that particular lie. LIE 2. “Low dose ionising radiation is harmless, even good for you” – a focus  for October. LIE 3. “nuclear solves climate change” – the focus for November.

September 26 – International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
Join the ‘Don’t Nuke the Climate’ Thunderclap!


SOUTH AUSTRALIAN NUCLEAR FUEL CHAIN ROYAL COMMISSI0ON is beavering away, holding public hearings with interested parties, and with some who must be a nuisance to it.  On Sept 23rd they had to put up with Professor John Quiggin, telling them that renewables are happening, and CANDU nuclear reactors just aren’t.
 Rebecca Keane’s Submission didn’t help them either, spelling out South Australia’s potential as leader in renewable energy.  Electrical trades Union of Australiadispelled the hype about Generation IV Nuclear Reactors.
Those pesky Aboriginal women who stopped the last attempt to make South Australia a radioactive trash dump – are at it again – “We do not want nuclear anything on our Land “- Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Law and Culture.
Coober Pedy gets another not very impressive visit from the Royal Commission.
NATIONAL POLITICS Australia’s new Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg is a nuclear power enthusiastMalcolm Turnbull disappoints on Climate Change Policy
WESTERN AUSTRALIA . Yeelirrie Uranium project – the fight is just beginningWalkatjurra Walkabout completes 5th walk against uranium mining in West Australia.
RENEWABLE ENERGY Tesla’s new Powerwall solar-energy batteries available in Australia this year. It will disrupt Australia’s energy market.


CLIMATEPope Francis at White House urges ‘critical’ action on climate change, but is not facing up to role of population growth in climate change. California Governor Warns of Coming Climate Refugee Crisis.
JAPAN.Japan’s draconian new secrecy laws linked to Fukushima and nuclear radiation. Japan Crushes Resistanceto Restart Nuclear Power Plants. Cs-134/137 measured from Tokyo tap-water. The highest I-131 density of this year detected in 2 Fukushima sewage plants. Fisherman debunks radiation as cause of giant woffish -so does ecology expert Timothy Mousseau .
UK’s £24bn Hinkley Point nuclear project shunned by investors. Britain tries to wrap up Hinkley nuclear deal with China, with $3.1 billion bribe. Even pro nuclear ‘experts’ want to scrap Hinkley ( are they pushing for ‘small nuclear’?)
RUSSIA    to take ‘counter-steps’ if USA upgrades nuclear weapons in Europe.
GERMANY. public strongly supports renewables, not coal or nuclear.
FRANCE‘s EDF does a policy U-turn – now investing in renewables.
CANADA. Continuing legal battle over SNC-Lavalin, marketers of CANDU nuclear reactors
NORTH KOREA’nuclear belligerence highlights need for diplomacy and global disarmament treaty.
SOUTH AFRICA‘s govt keeping nuclear costs secret from the public.
BELGIUM Court upholds Belgium’s tax on nuclear power stations.
SWEDEN tightens rules on drones flying near nuclear stations.

One Response to “This week’s nuclear and climate news”

  1. miningawareness Says:

    On this title:
    While agreeing wholeheartedly that overpopulation is a major problem, and even more worrisome that anyone who raises the issue gets called a racist or a Nazi, anything that comes out of Stanford in general and this research institute, in particular, must be regarded with suspicion. Furthermore the Pope said that people should only have replacement (which he thinks is 3 but it’s 2) and shamed a woman for having 6 kids. Nuclear waste and accidents, and surface mining destroy huge amounts of land, which can never be safely used again for food. Most plants won’t grow due to acid leach from surface mining. You can put people in highrise buildings with solar panels on top, though food will be a problem, and they will have to learn to respect others, but the nuclear industry and mining constantly destroy agricultural lands. The Ukraine was known as a breadbasket pre-Chernobyl.

    This Stanford institute is tied in to Energy Solutions Nuclear Waste and WHOI of Buessler infamy via Priscilla Woods. As they mention BPA on the web site, perhaps a diversion? Why worry with BPA in your sardine cans when the sardines have strontium, plutonium, americium and polonium?

    Doug Kimmelman of Energy Capital Partners which owns EnergySolutions nuclear waste dumps, water “filtration” at Fukushima and nuclear waste “processing” in Tennessee has given a lot of money to the Ward W. and Priscilla B. Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford U. As seen below Priscilla B. Woods serves on the Board of Woods Whole Oceanic Institute (WHOI) of Ken Buessler notoriety (the guy who wants to scare people from eating life-giving bananas, when the potassium in bananas protects from radioactive cesium. If you don’t get potassium your body sucks up the cesium which is maybe what they want so your family pays for the nuclear waste burial- though I doubt they can think that deeply). Buessler is an example of academic incest as he did his Ph.D. at WHOI-MIT and his short foray out of WHOI-MIT was to study nuclear waste at Savannah River Nuclear site.
    “Ward W. Woods, ’64 – Chair
    Ward Woods served on Stanford’s Board of Trustees from 1996 to 2006, and is a former chair of the Stanford Management Company’s Board of Directors. He served on the Board of Visitors of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford from 1996 to 2002.
    He is Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Executive Committee of the Wildlife Conservation Society, a trustee of the Lucile and David Packard Foundation and a director of a number of privately held companies. He was president and chief executive officer of Bessemer Securities, LLC, a privately held investment company, and managing partner of Bessemer Holdings, a private equity partnership, from 1989 until his retirement in December 1999. He has also held board position at The Nature Conservancy and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation./ “Priscilla B. Woods: Priscilla Woods, a clinical social worker, is actively involved in community affairs in Idaho. She serves on the USA Cycling Development Foundation and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. She has been a trustee of Radcliffe College and Outward Bound.”

    This Bessemer seems related:
    “In mid-December 2004, Semnani sold Envirocare for an undisclosed sum. Steve Creamer became the company’s new CEO. The deal was financed by private equity firms, led by Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer of New York, Creamer Investments, and Peterson Partners both of Salt Lake City.”

    “Bessemer goes on defense, on pace for best year
    Posted:Wed, 05 Oct 2011 17:42:57 -0400
    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Portfolio managers at Bessemer Trust, financial adviser to ultra-wealthy U.S. families, took an extremely defensive posture a few weeks ago amid some of the most volatile…”

    Sorry to be so long-winded but it’s important to tie these things together. People need to know what Stanford is to. It’s a known CIA university and if you win a scholarship you will most likely be working on some pre-selected grant – probably from the military, but now we see it could even come from EnergySolutions nuclear. If you oppose these things you leave without your Ph.D. no matter how smart you are.

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